FAQs for the Age of Sigmar are up for a look over by the community! I was really rather shocked that they wanted our input first before these become official FAQs. Not only are they asking for more help in regards to finalizing the faqs, but there is a large number of them!

Im still used to only the minimum getting FAQ'd, so this is great, and I really am looking forward to the Warhammer 40,000 ones.

via Games Workshop Age of Sigmar Facebook
Hey everyone,
Our rules guys have been hard at work sorting and answering the questions you all sent in for our FAQ thread a few weeks back.
They’ve just finished their first draft, and before we enshrined them as official, we wanted to get your thoughts on them.
Do the answers all make sense? Are they clear?
(We’re looking for whether you understand them rather than if you like the answer.)
We’ll leave these up over the weekend so you can try them out in your games, and then on Monday, we’ll pass on your comments to the rules guys for the final FAQs.
Oh, and if you’re waiting on the Warhammer 40,000 FAQ’s, we’re hopefully going to be doing the same in the next week or so.

Some additional FAQ pics, but there are a lot more over the link above.

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