Its been awhile since I have been digging into the Eternal Crusade game, but the Eldar will definitely be my primary race to play once they are in.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – April 8, 2016 –
Today, April 8th at 2pm EST (11 am PST), Behaviour Interactive will be hosting their usual weekly broadcast on all things Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp.

This week the broadcast will feature an in depth look at the Eldar Fire Dragon. An iconic member of the Craft Worlds, the Fire Dragon is very popular among fans. So expect some fire today as we go over what this classic Eldar can do in the game!

 The team will also look at War Parties and go through some information on vehicles.

Katie, Brent, and Nathan will also jump into live gameplay at the Fortress with some Crusaders to get in a few battles. As always we will also allow for questions and offer up some great rewards!

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