As Salute wrapped up over the weekend, there are some great new models that were spotted for Beyond the Gates of Antares. These were highlighted briefly in today's newsletter from Warlord Games, but there were some additional pics that I tracked down for you to see.

Intel plus Pics
Next plastic infantry release is likely to be the Algoryn I believe, how soon (and will this include component to build both AI and Assault troops)? 
We don't have a definite release date for the Algoryn plastics just yet, as they're still being worked upon... however as soon as we have news, we'll be sure to shout about it via our Newsletter - so keep watching! 

The recent Drone release seems to have drones in styles for all 4 buddy drone using races, will we see things like 4 race versions of a gun drone for example (I'd buy them)? 
Absolutely - in time, we plan to release all of the units outlined in the core Rulebook (and forthcoming expansion books) - however again - we don't have definite dates for all of the specific products just yet, as they're still in development 

The resin scenery pieces (Ghar junkyard, alien fora for Xilos etc) featured a few months ago, will we be seeing these released soon? 
Yes! - the originals were produced by members of our web-team for our staff gaming... however, they were so good that we've been working with the resin production team to have them mass-produced... we've been tweaking the design with their help, and should see them on sale soon. 

The plans were for an hard plastic infantry box to be released for each race, with us 2 down and 3 to go (well it could be six....hint hint) when will the last box be released (2 years down the road).[b] 
The plan is to have plastics for each faction in the first year 

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