Items are often sold out, and sometimes these are hints of what may end up on the Last Chance section of the GW webstore.

One interesting thing that Alex brings up, is that the 30th Anniversary Imperial Space Marine model is currently listed under the Space Wolves tab, Grey Knights, Dark Angels, etc.

Thanks Alex for keeping us up on what is sold out currently.

Today I bring you a list of more sold-out Minis.
I also wanna note, in my searching of these minis I noticed the Imperial Space Marine is in the web-store under all the Adeptus Astartes factions. This may imply that it is available for each faction, contrary to the rules that come with it.

More sold out items, note these are from the US webstore

Space Marines
Space Marine Captain: Master of Relics

Crimson Fists Tank Pack

Reclusiam Command Squad

Shadow Force Solaq

CHaos Space Marines
CSM Biker Upgrade Pack

Death Guard Shoulder Pads

Theiving Grots

'Ard Boyz Armour Pack

Codex: Tyranids - Small Format

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