This is a large section of rumors that I don't have a lot of information on, but its being talked about within some circles as I have heard references to it. So here is what I believe is the entirety of that rumor section I have been searching for.

Please remember that these are rumors. Salt required as normal for rumors like this.

via Something Awful in the their TG section:
"May as well drop some rumours here.

40k will get a new edition in September. It is a minor clean up of the 
current rules, they won't even be changing the cover art, and they will put 
an FAQ that covers the changes online. It's basically an amended reprint.

There will be two new campaign books this year, covering Blood Angels, Grey 
Knights, Tyranids and Orks, and will include formations for all of them. 
This is because they are the pre-formation codexes.

The studio knows there are problems with the Ork book, but there is no 
clear direction as to where they want to go with it in balancing it with 
the current codices beyond minor rewrites and adding formations. Ork Clan 
formations are very likely.

GW are married to formations now, and will give the studio a brief of 
things like do some formations for an army and how much the formation 
should cost to buy the models for, ie a £200 formation.

On fantasy there will be a tournament format for AoS with points. The sales 
plummeted for AoS but the current fantasy range sales look healthier than 
before the change (though how much this is people buying stuff to finish 
their collections I wasn't told). Feedback on the rules was incredibly 
poisonous, and GW want to move past it and heal.

Bretonnians were going to be in the next WFB starter before it was scrapped 
in favour of AoS, meaning there are some lovely plastics that made it to 
prototyping that will likely never be seen now, including a hero on 
hippogriff better than the Elf Prince from Island of Blood.

Lord of the Rings will include both the Strategy Battle Game and a new 
version of War of the Ring where it is possible to play a ranked up fantasy 
game, because Forgeworld know there is a gap in the market.

Forgeworld will have finished their new production facility at some point 
next month, though they will not be available to order to store until the 
production quality issues are solved and they can produce in the volume and 
quality required.

GW will be launching an anonymous feedback system for staff next month, for 
a number of reasons. Such as 50% of staff not passing 3 month probation and 
25% of staff left not finishing the year, which is an eye watering turnover 
even for retail. These will be gone through for action points, and followed 
up at monthly meetings.

Kirby is now gone, and everyone is rejoicing because the new CEO plays the 
game, won't force people out for telling it to him like it is (as Kirby did 
to Alessio Calvatore after his presentation to the board where he told them 
they were pricing out kids, which meant Jervis came back from holiday to 
find out Alessio had resigned rather than be fired) and actively wants to 
listen to people.

Forgeworlds star has been rising because of Horus Heresy and Betrayal at 
Calth, and there are behind the scenes discussions about FW being delivered 
to store and the Specialist Games range being available through the store.

The new store planograms are here to stay, though some stores don't have 
enough shelving units.

Kirby in his new adviser to the board hasn't attended a single meeting now 
the reins of power have passed to Kev Rountree, because they always seem to 
be held when he is unavailable. Kirby also once loudly and publicly 
announced no one played games and rules didn;t matter in a Throne of Skulls 

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