The Genesys Project is moving forward still, with a lot of progress being made over the last few weeks. A huge thanks to those testers that were involved in house and from the community. The feedback was fantastic, and really helps push the envelope and narrow the focus for the game.

There is a lot of work being done to take make the game clear and concise, and I want to thank Patrick for creating a great "Trait Tree" that graphically takes the traits and makes it very user friendly. We will be expanding upon this of course.

It should also be noted, that yes, an online Race Builder will make things a lot easier, and once we can find someone interested in doing that, it will be done.

Powers In Genesys
Right now.... things being worked on.
Magic or psychics are called Powers in Genesys, and have been a large part of the work being done lately. Lets take a look at the background of them.

Powers come from directly from the Ether that surrounds the Universe in Genesys. When a living being dies, its incorporal energy is left behind, to be tapped and used by those knowing how to do it. There is a lot more to this in the background and story of Genesys, but for now lets leave it here.

Gotta love Einstein. Much of Genesys conceptually is brought in from the fun things like this.
"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another. For instance, chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite. "

Humanoid Races are able to harness the energy from the Ether in two ways, the first being the most dangerous and sometimes reckless of ways. An individual with the talent and ability uses this dangerous knowledge in the creation and use of Powers. This can kill the practitioner, as he draws upon his/her lifeforce to gain control and shape the powerful energies from the Ether. The more powerful the Power is, the more dangerous it is to control.

The second way is through the Sacred Faiths and belief. Faith magic uses dedicated followers (like in a religion) to help control the power, and thus reducing the risk of focusing the energy from the Ether. Faith Powers tend to be more defensive in nature, but also with the ability to enhance those faithful to the cause, giving them strength and abilities beyond the mortal man.

When creating your Unit Classes (spellcasters), you have the opportunity to shape and create your own Powers that your casters will have access to. The more powerful the Power is, the harder it is to control and use on the tabletop.

As testing continues we will be going over some examples of Power Creation, hopefully this week. Expect a lot more coming over the next month and so for the Genesys Project.

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