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I was inspired to make this monstrosity after I  saw Bruticus' amazing Dark Mechanicus Chimeric on Ex Profundis.  When creating him, I wanted him to be able to pull double duty as both a "boss fight" for my current Mordheim Campaign (Serene Annihilation) and as a model for my own Mechnicus army.  Therefore, he displays both elements of Mordheim and 40K.

For 40K I see him as the creation of a misguided magus who practices the heretical art of creating chimerics through prohibited gene manipulation.  This magus has a powerful patron, however, who utilizes his creations in the name of the Imperium.  The excessive purity seals are a sort of way of covering up the heretical arts used in his creation - or perhaps a way to assuage guilt.

For Mordheim, he is one of the five Dream Monsters preventing the player's warbands from leaving the City of the Damned.  His defeat (which is yet to occur) will open the hidden paths to the Palace of Dreams and the Vault of Truth.

More pictures on my blog:  http://foxandgoat.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-pig-god.html


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