Anvil Industries just released the new Mk.II Taurus Gun Tractors. They come in a set of 5, and are great heavy weapons that are activated remotely.

via Anvil Industries
Republic Taurus Gun Tractors Mk.II (set of 5)
Product Code: AN1103
Availability: In Stock

Radoni Corporation supports its infantry with large numbers of Industrial Tractor units, retrofitted to carry heavy weaponry. The Units can be operated remotely, using the limited onboard AI, or be slaved to the scope of a Grenadiers Rifle, allowing any nearby infantry to direct the weapons support fire with pin-point accuracy. 

NEW TRACTOR BASE - As of April 2016, the Tractor base unit has been updated to an improved Mk.2 design. The new style is 3mm wider, 5mm longer, and slightly lower than the Mk.1, and is also supplied on a 40mm base (rather than the old 30mm). We will add more photos of the new Mk.2 Tractor with the various weapon options soon.

The design is still very similar, so you should be able to mix and match old and new in the same force.  If you want the old Mk.1 style to match existing units, we have a limited stock still, send us an email request.

This set contains Five Radoni Corporation Gun Tractor Units. Each Gun Tractor base is approximately 29mm long, 18mm wide and 13mm high, not including the weapon, and are supplied with 5X 40mm base.

You can choose to equip the Tractors with a variety of support weapons from the menu or purchase just the tractor bases with no weapon at a lower price (great for use in conversions).

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