The Age of Sigmar will be coming up on its first year birthday this summer, and with it, a full points system along with a narrative game play option. This all sounds wonderful and great and I am personally one person who will welcome the options. The playtesting thing is just wonderful, that the podcast crews were brought in to fold to test this game out.

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Details of 'The Generals Handbook' announced. 3 Ways to play
Games Workshop have teamed up with my podcast (The Bad Dice Podcast ) along with Heelanhammer and Facehammer to give details of the new '3 ways to play' announcement.

We were invited into games workshop to playtest the book and this episode is all about our experiences.

Details are:
First thing, its a book and will be release in the summer.
There are 5 new campaigns including path to glory,
22 new battle plans from small games all the way up to epic battles between the games biggest characters.
6 new ‘Pitched Battle’ scenarios
Multi-player and team play and of course,
full points values for every Warscroll in Age of Sigmar.

You can find the full episode at

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- GW is working with tournament organizers to get the stuff right 
- There will be points 
- There will be unit categories similiar to 40k, Leaders, Battle Line Units, Behemoths and Warmachines (working titles). 
- You build your army similiar to 40k now, so you have Battalions and some kind of FoC, depeneding on the points size of your army 
- Core Rules + FAQ's stay the same. 
- Books are not invalidated 
- All warscrolls get points, even Tombkings/Squattonia 
- Basically it's Unbound, Story Mode and Tournament Mode

- Open play is basically Unbound or Apocalypse, including rules for multi player battles

- Narrative Play will give you campaign rules similiar to FW's Imperial Armour/HH Campaigns

What do you think so far?

Edit : 
- 5 Campaign in the book with a story arc for each. (path to glory included) 
- 22 batte plan (small to very big) 
- Must have book 
- Rules for multiplayer games 
- ppl from the podcast playtested the game. 
- 2000 points = 2.5hours battle.

-Lady Atia

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according to the local gw manager here in the uk, the managers can talk about it (!) and it will likely be £15. many were at hq the last few days reading through the drafts :)

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