This morning its now out that the Tomb Kings FAQ has been updated. Now it appears that its only a small update, mostly regarding skeleton chariots and the Casket of Souls. So while its a small, I tend to go with any update to the FAQ's as a good sign Games Workshop is trying to keep up with us.

Here is the link

I looked only briefly to see if anything else was updated, but did not see anything. Let me know if you find other updates.


  1. Although GW giving us a FAQ "seems" like a good thing, with the TK 2nd FAQ it wasn't. Only 1 thing was useful and the rest was garbage. I thought FAQ stood for FREQUENTLY asked questions. Some such as "Can Nekaph be a BSB?" (reason, because the box for BSB says ANY Heralds, and Nekaph has the title "Herald") or "Can Characters be healed by the lore attribute?" (reason, because even though they can't be healed by spells, other FAQs stated that lore attributes [what really heals] were not spells) were more pressing than "Can you target specific Casket crew?" (reason, the questioner was a total idiot) which is totally absurd because it is a WARMACHINE... *rant off*


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