The Holidays are around the corner and there are four Mega Army Boxes to be released before the years end. One Space Marine and One Dark Eldar for Warhammer 40k. I had received these images and the information early this morning, but there is just too many things to get verified and posted. The information is out and rolling now, so I am playing catch up.

My pics are no better than the ones floating around on Warseer atm, they are just in a different language. There is also a Fanstasy release as well, Skaven and High Elf. The Fantasy Pics below are the ones from Warseer.

Bramgaunt has cofirmed these below.
via Bramgaunt
There are two for 40k aswell - Space Marines and Dark Eldar, 175€each.

Dark Eldar contains a Reaver, a Ravager, 5 scourges, 9 Jetbikes, 10 Warriors and 20 Wyches, 1 Venom

Space Marines contains two 10 man tac squads, 5 scouts with sniper rifles, a Drop Pod, a command squad and I think there was a 5 man Assault squad, definatly a Land Speeder Storm and a Commander


  1. That Space Marine box is interesting. I've bought a battle force before, and it's the sprues from other boxes put together in one box, so you'd figure that's what this is: Command Squad, Commander, 2x Tactical Squads, Drop Pod, Scouts, Land Speeder Storm, Venerable Dread, Land Raider Crusader. Seems pretty clear cut... except for the Tac squad on the right. We can excuse the meltagun as being from the Command Squad, but what about that lascannon? Where's that come from if not a Devestator sprue?

    Considering there's not other Devestator bits shown, two things are likely possible: 1) They've added bitz to add a Lascannon, or 2) they're putting bitz on the cover that aren't in the box. Not that they haven't done that before. The reliquary on the backpack of one of the tactical marines also appears on the cover of the Tactical Squad box, but isn't on the sprue.

  2. Reminds me of the old $200 boxes from 2nd. A complete army in a box. Course back then it was a 2k pt army. Thats how I got into it...


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