This morning is all about the new Necron codex. Yesterday we talked about some of the background of each units alongside some of their rules and Force Organization Chart. This morning is all about the backstory and fluff, because you just cannot be an evil space robot without it. Enjoy.

Until the codex is in hand, please take with a little grain of salt. We should be pretty solid here.

via Yakface
There is a dramatic change in the fluff in this codex from the previous incarnation of the Necrons. The Necrontyr's empire was massive at one point, but the different Lords in the empire started to turn against each other in civil war. To prevent this from happening the overall ruler of the Necrons (the Silent King) started the war against the Old Ones specifically to give them a common enemy to fight against to prevent his empire from destroying itself. Of course, the Old Ones ended up kicking their butts and in desperation, the Silent King found the C'Tan and agreed to the Deceiver's pact without realizing what he was doing. However, after the Necrons helped the C'Tan to kill off the last Old Ones, the Silent King then ordered the Necrons to turn on the C'Tan in vengeance and utterly destroyed the C'Tan into tiny shards. This war agains the C'Tan weakened the Necrons overall so much they decided to go into stasis to avoid the vengeance of the Eldar (the C'Tan had killed the Old Ones, but not all their children).

Now that the Necrons have reawakened in the 41st millennium, their goal is no longer to 'harvest' souls for the C'Tan (the C'Tan shards are now their slaves) as it was in the old book, but rather to reestablish the great Necron empire that spanned the galaxy before the war with the Old Ones began. However, the overall hierarchy of the Necron people is gone for the most part, leaving each individual Empire to once again rule for itself. This means each Tomb World (or cluster of Necron worlds) is essentially a separate little empire to itself, with a full backstory and idiosyncrasies. While Necron warriors are pretty much just automatons and Immortals not too much better, every other higher Necron being is now much more like an actual person, as their essence is simply trapped inside a metal body.

So there is lots of crazy nuance to Necron culture that was never present before. The codex now has plenty of 'quote' boxes featuring memorable quotes from Necron Lords like other races have in their books. There are some Necron Lords who honor valor in battle, there are a few Necron Lords who trade with other races, and although an uneasy alliance apparently, yes Necrons and Blood Angels did end up fighting against a Tyranid Hive Fleet together. Oh, and there is definitely plenty of reason to have Necron vs. Necron action now (as the old feuds between competing Necron Lords flare back up again).

All in all, it is a major tonal shift. While part of me recoils from it, the other part of me thinks that Necrons as they were had no distinct 'character' that each player could choose to get behind. Yes, the race as a whole had 'character' in how it was organized and functioned, but there was never any really good reason that a player should have his Necron force painted and modeled 'X' way as opposed to another player with his Necron army looking 'Y' way. People certainly painted their Necrons in different (neat) ways, but there was never really any good fluff giving players inspiration to do so.

The only real 'personality' in the old book was the Deceiver, and that frankly wasn't the Necrons, it was their god. The mindless mission that all Necrons were on was basically really similar to Tyranids...the Necrons were coming to harvest every living thing in the galaxy (yawn).

This new incarnation, love it or hate it, gives the Necrons a whole wide array of personality and every single empire has different goals and motives (not to mention paint schemes, markings, etc). Some Necron Lords are obsessed with finding the perfect flesh bodies to transfer their sentience back into. One Necron Tomb World was damaged during the great sleep and erased all the Necron sentience and has started basically commanding its Necrons like true robots (and is actively attacking other Necron worlds to take them over and keep growing), and there are of course dozens more little stories. The Silent King, who put himself into exile (for his unforgivable crime against his people) by leaving the galaxy after defeating the C'Tan encountered the Tyranids in the void between galaxies and has returned to spur the Necrons into action against the Tyranids (realizing that if the Tyranids wipe the galaxy clean of biological matter, then the Necrons will never find a form to transfer their minds back into).

Oh, and the biggest rival of the Necrons is now actually the Altaoic (sp?) Craftworld. Apparently they are the only Eldar who stayed true on the original path to seek out and destroy Necron Tomb Worlds while the rest of the Eldar got all caught up and destroyed in their decadence and then the Fall. Altaoic rangers have traveled the galaxy far and wide over the millennia (ever since the Necrons went to sleep) to track down and destroy or hamper Tomb Worlds from reawakening.

So with this new direction there is now tons of different possibilities for players to make Necrons forces different from each other and there are neat new takes on 'nemesis' races like Eldar & Tyranids to drive gaming plots as well as good reason for Necron on Necron battles.

And as for totally destroying the background of the C'Tan, the codex does allude to the fact that there are lots of unaccounted for C'Tan shards still allegedly cast around the galaxy. The Necron are always trying to hunt them down and imprison them (in pocket dimension prisons), but this does still leave the door totally wide open for a shard of 'The Dragon' to be on Mars and for shards of 'The Deceiver' to have done all the crazy things that's been written about him in novels. Essentially, the full power C'Tan were massively, massively powerful, and the 'shard' versions of them are closer to the idea of what we had in the last codex anyway (something that can be killed/banished on a battlefield).

So while it is a little shocking to have such a massive fluff change hit, I do think it is probably the right way forward to create a more fully realized faction. But I do think it is probably going to be a massive turn-off to those players who absolutely adored the old fluff for the army.

Yeah, they really briefly mention that the wars unleashed some nasty things from the Warp, but they literally do not mention the enslavers anymore. It is very clear that the Eldar empire is the main reason they go into hibernation, having some sort of premonition that the Eldar can and will eventually crumble as all living beings and empires do.

It was a fairly solid plan, except a lot can go wrong when you're sleeping for 60 million years, and apparently billions of Necrons have been killed by simple, normal shifts in the galaxy in that time (stars going supernova, tectonics crushing tombs, etc)...but what they didn't predict was how poorly they'd all awake from the sleep. All Necrons were supposed to wake up at once, but that didn't happen. Some Necrons woke up during all periods of history (including the Horus Heresy) and many still haven't woken up. And in some cases those that wake up have suffered terrible afflictions (like the Flayer disease).

On some fluff changes, Yakface did mention a faction tomb world that still functions very much like the old style, silent robots of doom. This allows BL fluff to coincide with new codex fluff.

Exactly my thoughts. Basically during hibernation the Tomb World accidentally erased all the sentience from the sleeping Necrons and decided to 'take them over' and has since decided this is the way forward for the Necron race and is actively attacking other Necron Tomb Worlds to collect more bodies for the cause. Basically the only sentient brain in that whole army is the Tomb World itself (it even has given itself a name).


  1. I am extremely annoyed with these rumors.
    Suddenly, all the appeal of the background is gone.
    No longer are the Necrons emotionenless, unstoppable and implacable, but can be reasoned with and (as I heard elsewhere)can cry out in pain?!?!?!?!?!?! and thats just the start!
    Not to mention the new models:
    Now I know that some people thought that the old range was boring or simplistic e.t.c., but that fitted the idea of the necrons perfectly. i.e. they performed their function with emotionless effeciency.
    tbh, The new models featuring fancy headgear, clothes over the groin, and impractical vehicle designs (why would they be typing?, just connect to it!) puts me off my favourite army for my seven years of gaming completely.
    Up till now I have seen horrible models (detail, sure, but what happened to the themes?) and killed fluff. Along with nothing special coming in the rules department, this is infuriating!
    I put up with games workshop price hikes, embargos, horrible customer service and codex creep, but if they kill their background as well, I will be gone in an instant.
    ok, rant over, sorry bout that, see ya later ;)

  2. Thx, gw... now i hate necrons ¬¬'

  3. cool story bro. I'm not going to lie and say that this is going to make me quit warhammer and waaaaaah, but this new story is so utterly different that my 10ish year old army just got fluff raped. some of the people(you know the ones that still play necrons) actually liked the story and models. glad they could fix that. The new rules better be f'ing amazing for the amount of nonsense done to my army

  4. They took a crap army with a boring back story and actually tried to make them into something decent. Those assholes...

  5. Definitely a fluff shock but to be fair they had nothing really till now, like it says all the fluff before was c'tan and clashed with Tyranids way too much.

    Change is scary but it can be good!

  6. Drastic change of history and purpose, you say? Gotta be Tzeentch.

  7. Ok fact time as well as opinion time. First i loved the old necron modles, the rules and the old fluff, now i think the fluff sound really really cool and im gonna like it, also i love the new range of modles so so much i cant stand it, also i love the new rules(even though they are still techniqly rumors). ok now that that out of the way, games workshop has raped the fluff analy with a few baseball the same time, its not good and its NOT NECRONS, they changed what made them awesome killing silent death machines. They also totaly fucked up the new model looks like tomb kings in space because that is exactly what it is(with a few exeptions) also the rowboat vehicles are a dumb idea for teleprt experts. And the grand fanaly is that i can guarenty they will "tyranid" them and make them almost comletly unplayable at the COMPETETIVE level(i NEVER play at that level so i love the tyranid codex as i will this one) and people WILL complain about another underpowerd xenos race, and they will have the right to because it will all be true. I love the necrons and am saddend that almost no one else will because of FUCKING GAMES WORKSHOP!

  8. no one else will? your will probably find the vocal MINORITY won't like anything but the majority will probably be more fair just like every community for every other product out there!

  9. I am excited for the new fluff, rules, and models. Its just simply moving things forward with some exciting new everything.

    If you still want your army to be simple, one dimensional mindless space robots, and nothing more than monoliths and infantry.........

    There is nothing stopping you. The units still exist.

  10. Oh waaa waa waaa. GW wrecked my army by tying it into the 40k universe more and giving me more options for troops and variation in the army as a whole. I couldn't possibly use the models I know and love and go by the part of the fluff they left specificly for me to keep the old mindless feel that I liked so much. Waaa waaa waaa. And nevermind that the new rules will make my army so much more viable as a playable force unlike the orks or tyranids or chaos. Waaa waaaa waaaa.
    I'm getting sick and tired of people bitching about how GW is wrecking their army or the game when over the last 10 years 40k has improved immeasurably from the half role playing game it was to a full table top miniature game that's more balanced and more expanded upon than it has ever been.
    Model your models how you like. Play with whomever and however you want to play. Use the fluff you like or make your own fluff.
    Stop bitching and grow up!

  11. I can live with the fluff change (kinda)… the models can be adapted to suit (gone will be those head crests, metallic loincloths and vehicle pilots)… but it the rules that concern me most.

    Although I don't play 'competetively', I would still like rules that help me vs all those powerful 5th edition builds. After all, we loyal necron players have been putting on a brave face and attempting to give as good as we get for so long now, I feel we deserve some loving when it comes to some decent rules.

    As it stands, the rules I've seen so far (all be it rumours, some more solid than others) has concerned be greatly. Take the staple Monolith for example. An iconic Necron unit if ever there was one. Once the most resilient vehicle in the game, and for good reason, is now arguably lesser than the common Land Raider and its variants. I expect more from the Living Metal rule than to simply stop shaken or stunned results as out of the the damage a vehicle could recieve I'd prefer those two over Immobilised, weapon destroyed and so on, which this new living metal we not help agianst. There where other rules that could of replaced the existing living metal rule (4+ invun, re-rolls to penetrating damage results, -1 to any damage result, immunity to melta's extra D^, like Stormravens), but they seemed to choose the most lamest. God forgid that the Monolith should remain as decent as it's current incarnation.

    How is it, that non loyal space marine books always get shaken up the greatest and end up losing the most in the way of cool rules. You never see space marines vehicle get significantly nerfed like that… infact, they seem to get better.

  12. ya i agree im a bit scared as shit that they will fuck up the dex and make it completly unplayable, and the monolith is a good example, but just think about the 35 point drop, so thats like what 200 points over the 250ish that land raiders are now, and it has a fer nifty special rules and a deacent gun(battle cannon basicly) and their could me more rules that it has that we dont know about yet, so while im just as worried as you, im still hopefull, because we still dont have the dex in our hands. hears hopeing is overpowered as fuck!!lol jk :)

  13. Thank the Emperor that GW actually decided to add basic things to the 'cron fluff. Now I have hope for the fluff as before there were 2 outcomes
    1) 'crons would kill everything and harvest their souls
    2) 'nids would kill everything and harvest their bodies
    3) Giant black hole.

    Now it's looking a-bit better...

  14. I have the feeling we've just been Matt Warded.......again.

    Some of the fluff is dec but the rest sounds cheesed.

    -Necrons imprisoning C'tan in shards for self use, sounds decent
    -Necrons have a more sentient consciousness and choosing there own path of action, something they needed

    - necrons fighting necrons wtf?
    - necrons loosing there hate for the living??!, you gotta be F***en kidding me
    -necrons having allies, big no, only makes sense in the mind of matt ward.

    Matt ward also has a rep for butt raping over xeno races but this one takes the queen of the crap as being the worst possibly. And knowing him odds are hes ganna make the army uncompetitive thinking that smurf marines are all that matter.

  15. Ah, humble mortals... what solace can there be in tradition? how can anyone find comfort in what is, or what used to be? For nothing is certain but Change. Change is the one constant, the one that rules the universe. Embrace the power of Change, and bow to the machinations of Tzeentch.

  16. Sounds like a positive step - hopefully the Necron fluff will be more than 3 pages long now.

  17. I did like the old lore/fluff better. To me, it was more unique. They where cold, emotionless, automaton machines that just wanted to kill. They where "slaves" to their C'Tan gods and harvested the galaxy. It was simple, it worked.

    This new stuff isn't out-right horrible, but its a big change. Some Necrons having their own personalities (mainly the more powerful ones, since Lords already where sentient anyway) isn't that bad, but, when they start making them want to go back into flesh bodies (why the heck would they wanna do that?), make alliances with other races and fight amongst themselves (huh?)? That's going too far away from what establishes Necrons. It kinda seems like a try at making Necrons too much like any other race (which is not a good thing), It gives them too much "human" mentality.

    I do think some of the new models/units are awesome looking (although the vehicles are kinda...meh), although I always loved the old ones.

  18. In all the books they try to explain the possibility that you will fight the same race or with the Imperium within itself, I think this is fair all they want is your games to make more sense there. And their original fluff was not even their own but the c'tan's.

    Harvesting the galaxies life is the a role already taken and more importantly 'fleshed out' by another race. Change was needed to give them the depth they deserved and the chance to do something interesting and unique that makes the Necrons finally their own thing.

    At the end of the day the new fluff lets you even play them exactly like before if that is how you wish to play game just like many have said before me!

  19. Well,

    While I'm not terribly happy with SOME of what I've seen. I still am reserving the right to say screw it and to give 'em a go anyways. I may have to convert some pieces to my specs but I should be aight. I really want to know who's writing the frakkin codex though. I think we should focus the rumor laser on that topic most right now. On another note I kinda think I'm a bit under thrilled by the 'crons having just started a tomb kings army. I really hope Cruddace isn't writing this codex because even though he's a great writer I already keep calling the necrons the tomb kings with friends and I'll have to just start calling them the space kings next lol. In the 41st millenia there is only MUMMIES!

  20. *sigh*

    the old fluff consisted of roughly 1 paragraph of background info.

    I just looked at the codex. There's like 5 stories from the perspective of the imperium, and just that little blurb about who they really are.

    adding fluff to a codex that completely lacked it for nearly 10 years is not really a retcon, or a trashing of old fluff.

    There was no fluff. it was nearly non-existent, and only truly existed in the minds of the players.

    and another thing, how is necron civil wars, c'tan shards, and ganging up on a common foe to prevent infighting any less believable than a mighty all powerful super psyker who controls everything entrusting his most powerful liutenants with reuniting humanity, then having half of them turn on him and try to kill him because "Unfathomable beings from the warp" told them to.

    absurd fluff becomes untouchable holy grail fluff as time goes on, 10 years from now matt ward fluff will be clung to just as desperately as the extremely old writing is today.

  21. Necron fluff never really was there in the first place. Besides, what actually was there was a boring nonsensical bunch of sentences about these guys going around and killing everything. Full stop. Guys, i am missing something or this really seems like a bunchy sh*t? Come on, every single war-story about Necron starts with the skellies kikn' everybody's asses and end up with them stopped for no reason at all. What kind of fluff is that?

    Grow up, for 'Cron's sake!

  22. Are you people retarded? Why is everyone so hellbent on who has their name on the book? The rules are put together by the design team. Not one single person.
    And the new fluff is fine. I would even say a large improvement on the old Tyranid wanna be fluff. Now they have options like most of the other races.
    Oh "nerf nerf nerf" Shut up. You haven't even seen the book. You're whining about a bunch of conjecture without an overall idea of army composition, playstyle points or tactics. I don't know if you've noticed but all of the recent books have been alot more powerful and competative than the old books.
    And jesus christ leave Matt Ward alone. He's not the only one writing the rules for the books.
    And if you think you can do better then go home and write your own codex and spare us your bitching and complaining.

  23. As A necron player for the past 6 years ill say this, change is good. Now would I like to see the Monolith continue to be as deadly and hard to kill as it is now, of course, but change had to be made. The old fluff was tyranids but inorganic....original. And tomb kings in space...arnt eldar just elves in space? Transports are a little fishy since in FoD they could just teleport everywhere. While the old fluff will be missed my favorite change is the C'tan. Going from Gods in the tabletop to fragments, makes them much more justified and believeable imo, I hated the Ctan as rulers.

  24. I am Sethos Heh the Immeasurable! I went onto an egyptian name generator, typed in my name and that is what came out. Why did I do this? Because the new fluff makes a Necron Overlord an individual. Another name generator called me Sutekh, god of storms and violence.

    I am about to collect 40K, having been too skint for more than just army books. I'd like my first ever army to be 6th edition savvy, so like the comment that their rules are already written with the new addition in mind.

    I like the models more than any other Xenos, except the Dark Eldar. I love the Dark Eldar models but have yet to pick up the army book. If the Necron codex makes me think 'meh!' then I won't cry, or stamp my feet, or scream 'curse you games workshop for ruining my life, I will now take a bath with my toaster.' No, I will simply close the last page of the book, glad of a bit sci-fi distraction from a world full of 'real problems that effect real people' and think to myself 'right, now lets see what the Dark Eldar have to offer.'

    I like stories, and I want my army to have a story. I'd then like to combine that story with my Space Marine, Imperial Guard and Ordo Xenos enemies. Did my Necron Lord awaken on the homeworld of an Inquisitor? Was the Inquisitor recruited after he survived on a Necron conquered world for many years and is now seeking vengeance? Is a Necron shard ruling an Imperial world, the Imperium arriving to crush the apparent rebel world while the Necrons come to claim the shard?

    As far as I'm concerned, if the models are quick and easy to paint. Look good. Have rules which make them a descent, but not OVERKILL, allowing the possibility of survivors (poor story if all the leading cast are killed after the first paragraph). And have enough of a background to leave me rubbing my hands together while plotting sector-wide conflict I'll be happy.

    My favourite movies are the Transformers, the Mummies and Star Wars. Robots,Undead and Army of Anubis, and droids. These guys might just be my thing! If not, there's always Dark Eldar.

  25. Everyone complaining about the fluff of the new dex has missed a point. From the rumors he put some of the old fluff in as a virus(some tombworld gone mad) so you can still use the old fluff to some extent. I'm not complaining because I had the core of the army already. You can't be narrowminded about fluff otherwise you won't be playing any race you like. Thats why I don't play marines. I say give it a chance it may grow on you.

  26. As with all new fluff, there will be parts people like and parts people dislike. The only part that I probably dislike is races being able to reason with Necrons. But I do like that they're giving people the option to customize their own tomb worlds. Yet, I'm still gonna imagine them as death incarnate like in the book Dark Creed.


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