The next Warhammer 40k codex to come out seems like a toss up between a couple armies now. The current thinking amongst many sites online is that Tau are next. Earlier rumors were conflicting with this, putting the Chaos Legions codex in March, or even sliding the Black Templar into the mix.

Just to set this next rumor up, the current rumor mill places next years releases like this....
Tau Q1, probably after Vampire Counts in January
Chaos Legions Mid Year
Eldar Towards the end of the year.

I sometimes get rumors sent to me, and this is one of them. I removed the sources name, and how and who the information was recieved from. Even the rumor declares taking it with a lot of salt, so please do so.

I had a chance to get information straight from a codex designer.
Chaos legions will be out in January or February dependant on necron sales, however it will probably be January. I don't know whether he was messing with me or not, so read and apply a lot of salt.  He was straight with me about necrons being released in  November. Chaos Legions are being taken back to their roots from the Horus  Heresy, and it was a bit late due to the re-design of the fluff to fit in with 6ed.


  1. i belive the VP dex is up next but Tau :/ i think its more likely going to be something in power armour :)

    only time will tell :D

  2. I love necrons, they were my frist army, so seeing a new codex is heartwarming. But my love for Chaos... my love for Chaos knows no bounds. I am more excited to see this codex than anything else right now, so I hope it comes soon =) <3

  3. It would be tremendously convenient if GW would gives us a planned release schedule... ever.

    If we knew when Chaos Legions was coming out it would allow me to prioritize my painting so that my World Eaters are all painted in time for it, and I've saved enough money to round them out with whatever cool thing gets released.

    As it stands currently, I'm mixing them in with my Space Wolves. I had been thinking about adding in some 'crons to that, but, meh. Guess I'll do the sensible thing and just finish what's in front of me as opposed to giving GW more money.

    So, well done gw, the super secrecy marketing strategy is having the opposite of the desired effect. I'm making zero purchases because of the uncertainty of what your release schedule will be, in favor of making sure what I already have will be well prepared just in case. Good on ya.

    Natfka, despite the bitching, thanks. That you do the work of distilling all the rumours and news into one convenient location is of huge service to the community.

  4. Confirming Necrons at this point does not exactly strengthen this rumour been pretty darn obvious to all GW fans on the internet since we saw BoW reveal those pictures weeks back with RELEASED 5th NOVEMBER all over them.

    Thanks though Natfka I always come here for my rumour treats and knowing nothing more then the name Chaos Legions sounds epic!

  5. FAEIT!!! All the necron articles now gone from the GW site. :D

  6. Can't wait for the Chaos codex since I just started my Cities of Death Night Lords army.

  7. I don't see Vampire Counts coming too soon. They did get some new rules/models in White Dwarf, after all. Maybe an FAQ to lower the point cost of the skeletons, thats all they really need right now.


  9. C'tan shards are T 7

    also all the other sat lines are out too.

  10. Tau... please by Aun'va let it be Tau.

    But seriously, like others here my purchasing GW products has dried up because of the secrecy. I know of two other players who have given the game away waiting for updates on their fave army. With some info, they might have stayed. And my best friend died of cancer, not knowing his favourite force, Necrons, were getting a new codex. No info = no hype = no interest = no sales.


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