So we all know Dark Eldar have been having a hard time vs armour. However the new Necron codex places a new crimp into the system. Now I do not know how Quantum shielding is written, but the ultimate question for Dark Eldar players is, Does Quantum Shielding trump Lance weaponry. I would hope not.

My guess is that if Quantum Shielding makes the armour value 13 on a vehicle, up from 11, that a lance weapon would be facing armour value 12 with the shielding up, and then back down to armour 11 after the shielding is taken down.

Quantum shielding as we know it now, adds a +2 to all the armour values of the Necron vehicle on all sides. It lasts until a penetration roll is made against it, which takes down the shields.

So does anyone have any more information on this?


  1. I wondered about this too, i think it will be something along the lines of which is applied last counts.

    The necron vehicle is 11 but will start the game at 13 untill it takes a penetrating hit. The lance special rule only comes into effect when you fire the lance so i'd say we're facing AV12 and not Av13.

  2. I can't imagine it would work any differently- Quantum Shielding gives a bonus to your armor value, but the Lance rule says it counts all armor values over 12 as 12.

  3. lance weapons work as 12
    still a +1 bonus

  4. The better question is what does haywire weapons do to it.

  5. @eathos: it does say penetrating not glancing.

    Damn I almost felt like using scourges too until it got confirmed as penetrating.

    Hopefully the codex will be on par with dark eldar and not grey knights (yes I know some builds of Gk, DE love to fight)

  6. Does the Necron vehicle take damage from the first penetrating hit or are only the shields knocked out?

  7. well that's no fun with the glancing v pen, haywire blasters where looking the goods.

    although I do shed a small tear for eldar players with mass STR 6, those guys are going to need a few lances now. in fact as I think about it more, there are many massed STR 6 mech based armies, man there is going to be some rage from the mech spamming IG armies.

  8. Common misconception as well Quantum Shielding only works on the front and side armour the back is unaffected. This has happened due to the way that the rule was written it says it increases all amour values on the front and side of the vehicle. Sorry about bringing up the old post too but I just thought it would be useful information.


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