Some of the rules that we are to see in the Necron codex are going to appear to be a little odd, or misplaced apparently. For example, destroyers having perferred enemy, or snipers with rapid fire weapons. This is going to be due to 6th edition changes, and the Necron codex is set up for it.

Take a look at the rumors below. Please take with a little salt.

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Afaik, no. Nothing is supposed to happen this weekend. Preorders should start with the WD next saturday.

However, due to the leak, GW retail stores have started to accept preorders already and are showing pictures and infos on a handout. Therefor they might be showing them 'early'.

Both C'tan models will be redone in finecast, 5th of November. Both C'tan sculpts and both the current Lord Models will be redone in Finecast aswell. Destroyerlord and Heavy Destroyer remain a Plastic/Metal Hybrid Kit for the time being.

We also keep forgetting it's a 6th Edition Codex. Destroyers with Preferred Enemy show that pretty good. Some things will appear strange or won't make any sense at all.

I also forsee, as I said befor, that the full potential of the new Codex will show with the 6th Edition rules. Otherwise I cannot explain several things. Like the Destroyers. Or the rapid fire sniperrifles. If what I heard is true, Deathmarks will be a real pain in the ass starting July.

Units may shoot once immediately after a deep strike movement.

Rapid fire weapons may be fired twice at max range if shooting unit didn't move that turn, or once at maxrange/twice at 12" if they moved.

Preferred enemy will work on shooting.

Take it with a lot of salt, though.

ghost21 replied
only with overwatch

T7 or T8 won't make that much of a difference come July. Same goes for the Gauss ability to wound everything, no matter what the toughness.


  1. Dear GW

    Plz dont mess up 40k.

  2. well, uhh i kinda like the rapid fire thing, is would make the immortals totally useful.

  3. does that mean DSing units get 2 rounds of shooting on entry?
    if so pretty contradicting to the pods can´t shoot FAQ nerf

    lol they buff rapid fire and sniper weapons... was about time...
    IMO they shoud change them all to assault2 weapons.

    how can T7 T8 not be much diffrent?
    are they changeing the chart to max 5 to wound?
    lolz MCs realy needed nerf :D look at carnifexes owning it up left and right :DDD

  4. they mean change the wound/toughness chart to fantasy rules. str 1 can wound toughness of just needs a str 3 vs. t 8 it needs a 6, str 3 vs. t 10 it needs a 6, str 3 vs t 4 it needs a 5, get it.

  5. Those new shooting rules would mean a lot to Tau as well... Makes the rumour of Tau coming out right before 6th more credible imo :)

  6. GW, dont touch the destroyers please...

  7. @ anon its still a chart change nerfing high T models and buffing very low Str. models
    a bit diffrent to what i thought at first, but still its a stupid change if you don´t also make it so that a ton of low str. model can take out high armour vehices.

  8. Well, if that rumor of the new approach to Rapid Fire is true, the Twin-Linked Bolter is going to outstrip the Stormbolter on a vehicular/relentless mounting. o_O

  9. I kinda foresaw, with the rumor of Destroyers getting PE, that it would start to work in the shooting phase as well. What this bodes for the new Templars isn't good though. If this this pans out, the Templars with AAC will be pretty strong (unless their rule gets the 6th Ed nerf FAQ) as they'll be rerolling like fiends. On the other hand, I wouldn't expect it to last, and I foresee BT's being one of the first SM codexes bought up to speed and updated in 6th Edition....which will prolly mean an end to AAC as a vow.

    As for the DS/RF rules....I dig the rapid firing rules a lot, makes guardsmen a little more shooty-y. Though keep in mind, these rules will benefit Smurfs the most (they are GWs cash cow after all). All pod armies are more viable now if true.

    On the whole though the DS rules changes and RF changes (if true) bode well lfor my Elysians :)

  10. So, are we to play Destroyers with re-rolled shooting now, or just slaver over that concept as we await sixth edition?

    And plus, don't the RF rules nerf Immortals for the time being?

  11. Alviro, sounds like it's too late. Destroyers were dropped from H3 to H2. Hope it remains at H3. Tired of GW taking all the cool abilities from aliens and giving them to SM or taking cool abilities away and not reducing SM. Example: Star Cannons H3 reduced to H2 from 3rd to 4th ed. Possibly Destroyers H3 reduced to H2. Yet Heavy Bolter remains at H3.

  12. Yeah, Heavy Bolters are so OP.

  13. @ a Sent One

    star-cannon & Gaus Cannone don´t compare to H-bolter... its only Str5 you can´t use it vs vehicles or MCs caus your chance of succes is just much slimmer.... also it doesn´t have AP2 or gaus. If at all you have to compare Gaus Cannon to assuat-cannon wich comes at 35p most of the time.
    IMO it was clear that all those necron "used to be good" things would get nerfed...
    they do it with every dex.

    @ Roland
    rapid fire buff will be good but i think most of all it will buff LR-crusaders, SM bikes and relentless squads like ThousandSons most, caus they can now fire at 24" twice while moveing.

  14. @Anon: I completely agree. If these changes are true all it's really doing is buffing regular SM...but that also makes sense (besides the cash cow argument) in that it will bring them on par (somewhat) in shooting with GKs. Right now they're the only SM codex to move/fire 24", but if this rumor holds true all SM will be able to do it. This will tamper down the (slightly) the power of GKs and boost up the regular Marines.

    Again though, let's not forget...a lot of these 6th ED rumor will greatly benefit the Marines. Sure Xenos armies may benefit as well, but not as much as SM

  15. ...Stupid cash cow space marines...

  16. Probably the way Rapid Fire should've always been to be honest. Doesnt seem "Rapid" enough. Interesting for Preferred Enemy to benefit shooting too. Best potential changes for 6th Ive seen.

  17. The RF rumour is big, a IG Veteran Squad armed with three plasma guns? Just imagine the mayhem caused by a full squad of Fire Warriors, not to mention the Plasma Rifle will essentially be a 24" Assault 2 weapon on a battlesuit.

  18. Keep in mind, the rumors also say that units embarked in a transport can only shoot a maximum of 12 inches. So, that creates an interesting strategic decision, especially for IG.


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