How many Necron Warriors can I field? The answer is 5-20, but lets answer more than that today. Here is the number per unit for your FOC.

Please remember that until we get the codex in hand, take with a grain of salt.

via Yakface
• Deathmarks, Lychguard & Triarch Praetorians: 5-10

• C'Tan Shard & Triach Stalker: 1 per FOC

• Flayed Ones: 5-20

• Warriors: 5-20

• Immortals: 5-10

• Canoptek Wraiths: 1-6

• Canoptek Scarabs: 3-10

• Tomb Blades: 1-5

• Destroyers: 1-3

• All Vehicles: 1 per FOC

• Tomb Spyders: 1-3

Well, bits of the fluff talk about other races & systems paying 'tribute' to the's my speculation based on what I read:

Necrons have always felt like they got the short end of the stick. When they were Necrontyr, they had a crappy planet and that drove them to invent technology and get the hell off their planet...but they still wanted to prove they were the best so they set about trying to creat the greatest galactic empire. And they did...but then as always happens, their empire started to creak and moan, so the war against the Old Ones started with naturally the belief that the Necrontyr would destroy the Old Ones and emerge even greater than before, the true heirs to the galaxy. And in fact they hated the Old Ones if for no other reason than because they had the secret for immortality (what the Necrontyr wanted more than anything) but wouldn't share it. And once the war started, naturally the Necrontyr couldn't beat the Old Ones despite their superior technology, as the Old Ones had access to the Webway which meant they could escape anytime they needed.

So eventually the Old Ones (and the races they created) were kicking the crap out of the Necrontyr. And so in the frustration of again getting the short end of the stick, they made the pact wit the Deceiver and sold their souls for immortality and power. But again, they felt shafted because they had essentially been tricked into doing this. So after the C'Tan had killed the Old Ones, they again wanted to take their rightful place as rules of the galaxy but they knew that would never happen as long as they were slaves to the C'Tan, so they turned on them as this is the only way they'd ever be free.

But of course that battle against the C'Tan did tremendous damage to them and thus they decided to use their immortality to 'outlast' the Eldar empire (which they did).

So now that they're back awake (mostly), although they've lost their main command structure as a people that sort of drove them forward towards any single goal, I think their goal is still to do what they always rule the galaxy, to be the supreme beings. And this isn't exactly the same as humans, who basically want to eradicate all Xenos and populate all the planets themselves. Necrons more than anything (I think) want to be in control. They want to be worshipped by others. They finally want to get their due as being the rulers. So while they most certainly plan to destroy any force that gets in their way, I also get the distinct feeling from the new fluff that (with at least some of the Lords) they are perfectly okay with leaving existing planets/systems under alien control, as long as those people pay them tribute. Even though I have a hard time imagining what tribute the Necrons would really need (being robots and all), I don't think that's the point. The point is that the other races are paying them fealty and recognizing the mastery of the Necrons, which is precisely what they've always wanted.

As for Destroyers. The max it looks like you can have in an army is 9 now, and that's including Heavy Destroyers (Heavy Destroyers are only taken as upgrades in a Destroyer unit).

I have not seen any force organization chart wackiness unlocked by anything...quite a big change from all the recent codexes, but that's how it seems to be!

And no, there aren't any weapons that ignore invulnerable saves in the codex either...however there are quite a few little special abilities scattered about that simply remove models from play if they fail a certain kind of test, which does effectively ignore invulnerable saves (and any other kind of save too).

Finally, let's look at one of the named character's rules a bit:
Anrakyr the Traveller (they guy traveling around awakening Tomb Worlds and collecting a tithe of troops from those he does) has a few special rules, but one of them is so cool I thought I'd share it. It allows the Necron player to pick an enemy vehicle each shooting phase within 18" and on a D6 roll of 3+, the Necron player is able to fire with that vehicle as if it were his (counting as not moving for the shooting attack and ignoring any shaken/stunned results on it) other words he 'hacks' into the vehicle and momentarily takes control!

I can't imagine too many people ever taking this guy over the Stormlord (although he is 50 pts cheaper), but that ability could just do some crazy things, especially in Apocalypse games where you could shoot with an enemy titan or other super-heavy vehicle!


  1. I thought Immortals were still Elites, but Pariahs were troops or something? Huh. All these rumors are getting to my head, heh.

  2. First off, way to go on keeping everyone up to date on my favorite army I am looking forward to seeing on the table again! I love your blog!

    Second, if we follow GW's business model, it is designed to kill the old models (because they will not sell nearly as many as the diehards already have them) and push the new. Look at my poor second favorite army, the Tyranids. Kill the Carnifex, and sell the Trygon. (Damn Robin to hell for that codex!)

    That being said, I am really looking forward to sending GW more of my money! lol.

  3. "Second, if we follow GW's business model, it is designed to kill the old models (because they will not sell nearly as many as the diehards already have them) and push the new. Look at my poor second favorite army, the Tyranids. Kill the Carnifex, and sell the Trygon. (Damn Robin to hell for that codex!)"

    I'm glad someone else has noticed and acknowledged this. Personally I feel its totally out of order and unnecessary. They don't just 'tone down' the old units, they kill them off! Its p***** in the face of their customers whose money they all ready have.

    With the destroyers, they've even gone out there way to creat another unit (Tomb Blades) that practically clones the place of the Destroyers just so to sell more models. Its like nerfing the Land raider and creating another armour 14 all round tank with assualt ramp to replace it.

    If they created decent FA in the first place then players wouldn't needed to spam the destroyers.

    Its a blantant FU to their existing customer base in my books.

  4. "Second, if we follow GW's business model, it is designed to kill the old models (because they will not sell nearly as many as the diehards already have them) and push the new. Look at my poor second favorite army, the Tyranids. Kill the Carnifex, and sell the Trygon. (Damn Robin to hell for that codex!)"

    So silly.

    Many Nid vettes use Carnies. If you don't understand some of the benefits of Carnies versus Trygons you are missing some of the fundamental rules of the game.

    Hulksmash is one of the better generals in existence and is one of many that will swear by that.

    In summary, L2P before you QQ.

  5. In summary, L2P before you QQ.

    And the ass hat award goes to.......

  6. wow, gorgeous new models get released and STILL people manage to whinge that their old ones won't be good and its all GWs fault for making new things competitive. maybe they should stop making things altogether so you and your dusty old lead models can play with yourself without being ashamed of not having the INCREDIBLE NEW TOYS!!!!! I personally think gw have smashed this one out of the park

  7. Last anon, I agree. The new models are out of this world, and it appears the rules will be incredible as well. More fluff, besides the short tiny bit you had in the previous codex, new models, new rules.

  8. 1) I have played Tyranids for years and in the face of Codecies like IG, Space Wolves, Dark Eldar, and GK, they flat out do not compair. And I am not saying that the Carnifex can not be competitive, in the hands of a great pleayer the old Necrons CAN be competitive. It is just at 160 points base (almost double what they were) is was to ensure that the vet players out there (who already had 6 fexes) would have to buy the new, beautiful Trygons (only 40 points more and MUCH better) to keep up.

    2) I am VERY excited by the new models and really looking forward to buying them, building them, painting them, and playing with them. I could not be happier. I just do not understand why the play who has been loyal to am army is punished but making the models they already have virtually useless in favor of the new ones. The Monolith got nerfed (every Necron players has that), Warriors got cheaper and more abundant (need to buy more), and things like the Lord and Destroyers got hit with the nerf bat... hard.

  9. roles within the codex have shifted far too much to call anything a nerf. At this point, you're arguing codex balance when you don't even know all of what's in it

  10. heres some more info from yakface

    When it comes to Necron AT, the thing you have to remember is that you're still dealing with an army where most units (those with Gauss weapons) have the ability to inflict glancing hits on vehicles and now you have Scarabs (and a few other models) with Entropic Stirke which allows you to reduce the armor of enemy vehicles, so I do think those two things potentially change how much AT firepower a Necron army has to have compared to traditional armies.

    There are no units walking around with a bunch of AT firepower in them like you see in some other codexes (such as Long Fangs), but again, I don't think you're quite as reliant on these types of units because you have a few different avenues to get the same job done.

    • The Stormlord has that Lightning that occurs when Night Fighting is going on, which hits vehicles on a D6 roll of '6' with D6 S8 hits that go against the side armor of vehicles that are hit.

    • Most models with a Warscythe are striking at S7 in combat with them (which can certainly punch most vehicles). And when on a Command barge ICs can make 3 attacks on an enemy vehicle's back armor they pass over with their movement.

    • Lychguard with Dispersion Shields could theoretically bounce back AT fire off their shields onto enemy vehicles within 6" (but there's no reliability there).

    • The Triach Stalker of course has a 24" 2 shot S8 Melta weapon.

    • C'Tan shards can take a 24" S9 shooting attack if they want. And of course the C'Tan & Tomb Spyders are both Monstrous Creatures (S7 & S6 respectively) which means they can still tear vehicles apart in CC.

    • Heavy Destroyers are still 36" S9 shots.

    • Wraiths are S6 rending 3 Attacks in CC.

    • Scarabs of course (and some other models with special close combat weapons such as the Void Blade) have Entropic attacks.

    • The Monolith still has its 24" S8 Particle Whip Large Blast.

    • Doomsday Ark has the 72" S9 AP1 (large blast) shot if it doesn't move.

    * Annihilation Barges & Night Scythes both have the twin-linked Tesla Destructor, which despite being AP-, should still do a decent job on low armor vehicles (with a S7 and 4 shots and the potential for more hits if you roll '6's to hit).

    • The Doom Scythe of course has the Death Ray. I actually read its rules wrong before...its not quite as good as what I wrote before. It does a number of hits on a unit equal to the number of models in the unit that are under the line. So if a unit has 5 models under the line it takes 5 hits, but if a unit is only made up of a single model, then it is only taking 1 hit. Of course the hits are S10 AP1, so its still pretty nasty.

    • Generic Overlords & Destroyer Lords can take a Tachyon Arrow, which is like a super version of the Hunter-Killer missile. It is one-use, but is S10 AP1 with unlimited range.

    * One flavor of Cryptek has a 36" S8 attack, another has a 12" Assault 4 attack that hits like Haywire Grenades on vehicles (2-5 = glancing hit, 6 = penetrating hit), while another has a S6 single shot with unlimited range that is an Entropic attack (so will reduce enemy vehicle armor by 1 if it hits).

    So all said, it looks like there should be plenty of AT options available.

  11. I'm glad I could resist the temptation of fielding a destroyer-wing army with the current codex. Owning 7 of them + 2 Destroyer lords will still provide me with ample supplies for converting tomb spiders :)

  12. Its not the fact that they change unit roles.. which I am ok with, but that they seem to make the old units unviable within the context of the new codex.

    Great new toys or not, players have spent considerable time,money and effort on their existing models so too make those models pretty pointless is unecessary and inconsiderate. If the new models and unit rules are that good then players will buy them and use them AS WELL as their current models. Having viable variety to choose from is a good thing… forcing player's hands by making one unit considerable better than another in order to ensure sells is a bad thing and not necessary.

    I'm looking forward to the codex and new models but just feel that it is a shame that GW feels the need to 'kill off' certain units for the sake of sells.

  13. "I'm looking forward to the codex and new models but just feel that it is a shame that GW feels the need to 'kill off' certain units for the sake of sells."

    I feel like I'm beating a dead horse hear but I categorically disagree with this Internet meme that has become so prevalent.

    If this were even remotely true GW wouldn't put so much favour on SM codices and would make Xenos codices so amazing you would have to gobble them up, because their is zero crossover models for them.

    That being said, when they make a huge capital investment into developing new toys of course they are going to make them a bit secsie. But comments like "but that they seem to make the old units unviable within the context of the new codex" are just silly. Unviable by what standard? Unviable for being the uber supremist field general ever? Unviable for bragging rights at you local pub? Unviable for being models you crafted and painted and sit proudly on your shelves? Unviable for fun games against your friends?

    Out of all those the only one I think is even remotely relevant is the supreme general on earth, and in reality only a very small percentage of the total GW players are even in that conversation.

    And by viable what are we really saying? It's point cost is not optimised by what 90-95% differential. Does a 90-95% differential REALLY make a model "unviable." I tend to not agree.


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