There have been rumors flying around that Tau just might be the next codex release. Most people are simply posting the rumor without its source, which is giving the rumor much more credibility than it deserves at the moment. So I am posting up the entire post from notprop who put this rumor out for us, and then at the end I am posting up to what the rumor evolved into. You can decide from there.

This rumor requires a ton of salt, as the source says in the post. The fact that the rumor has gained more traction than it deserves at this time is proof, not enough salt was used.

via notprop
During a mooch around one of the better known Independent Games shops in the UK I was told that GW are no longer accepting orders for Tau stock indicating that a release is proably imminent. So guessing the traditional WFB/40K pattern following Necrons there will be some WFB goodies followed by Tau in the new year.

The bloke who told me was a blowhard so season as appropriate, but the owner corroborated it so I thought that I would put it out there.

Please note that several people have claimed to have ordered Tau this week, so the rumor, or at least the first portion of the rumor does not seem to ring true. If anyone has any other experiences about being able to order Tau or not, they can comment below.

I won't implicate who exaggerated this rumor, but here is what the rumor of Tau coming evolved into:
there is suddenly chatter going up that Tau may be sneaking into the late Q1 2012 release slot (where Grey Knights were this year) as the next 40k codex. There has been conflicting chatter of late of either Tau/Eldar for this last slot leading up to the 6th Edition summer launch featuring Chaos Marines.

Whether Tau are coming next are not, is not known yet. It is one of the strong possibilities. We have heard before that Tau are done. However the Tau rumors this week, even though overwhelmed by Necron images and rules, have been blown out of proportion.


  1. just before 8th ED WFB came out GW was urgeing people to quikly get a hold of the 7th ED boxes as long as they are still available
    seams wierd that they would stop people from ordering tau

  2. hmm if i recall i heard that from games day Australia that tau were not even being looked at, and that due to the law suit, eldar were originally going to be next, but lost it to a sm dex (either black Templar or dark angel). honestly i hope this rumor turns to be true, dem marines have been getting enough love. Lets have a non dark eldar update.

  3. I would love a T'au release but if Necrons do get released as it looks followed by T'au I will be starting the new year on bad footing with two armies to update.

  4. I am so confused by now, necrons, tau, eldar, dark angels, black templars, chaos legions, legions of chaos. I am gonna have a lie down just in case GW blows up or something.

  5. Tau might very well be the next codex after Necrons. Rumor wise, Tau is the next army with the most rumor information floating around.

    From the sounds of things, Necrons will be followed by Tau, Eldar, and Legions of Chaos. Not necessarily in that order though.

    Black Templar and Dark Angels I would like to see soon, however there has not been much floating around on them, except the occasional they will be in the starter set for 6th.

  6. I can't really imagine that GW would release Tau after Necrons. What's whit the Marine-Xeno-Marine-Xeno pattern that worked in the last almost two years? (SW-'Nids-BA-DE-GK-Necron?)

    And IF the 6th ed. is reallya Xeno edition, releasing all significant Xeno races BEFORE the 6th edition (mostly with 5th ed. ruleset) would be suicide. Marines with new and upgraded rules would be triumphant again. And when DE were released last november, Phil Kelly stated that releasing DE fired up his enthusiasm to do CW Eldar, but they are a long way off. (Of course this can be just a saying to chill people not to expect CW Eldar soon - although CW Eldar would require a facelift almost as bad as Tau do.)

    Although Tau rumors are far numerous then anything we've heard about any other races, I would be surprised by the sudden release.

    Practically, GW should do a decent SoBcodex 2012 Q1, as the WD codex is just a little bit more better then the Tyranid codex, but I don't think they are going to put effort an resources into rethinking SoB and recreating the whole all-metal miniature set in plastic and Finecast. SoBwould require such a massive restart as De and - seemingly - Necrons have.

    On the other hand, Tau are mostly plastic, so dropping in a few new Battlesuits, weapon options, a few new rules, tanks maybe (with models released later - if ever) would result in a quickly patched and rushed codex in the shadow of the Necron release. I have a feeling that it might end up like the Tyranid codex did - they certainly will not do it with Eldar.
    Or, I'm wrong, and Tau will get a very decent, good codex, with many goodies.

    But, if you look at the timing of 5th ed. codex release:

    2008.10: Space Marines
    2009.05: Imperial Guard
    2009.10: Space Wolves
    2010.01: Tyranids
    2010.04: Blood Angels
    2010.11: Dark Eldar
    2011.04: Grey Knights
    2011.11: Necrons

    (Yes I left SoB WD deliberately, we are looking at actual codex releases.)

    What we see is only in 2010 were there 3 releases, and Tyranids are the worst of the 5th ed. codeices, hands down. In the last two years, BA and GK got a fair codex, with many options and both armies are really powerful, and easy to play. But they were nowhere near as huge as the other two releases: DE and Necrons are MASSIVE reboots, attracting a lot of attention.
    So, releasing anything in 2012 Q1 would seem to be a gap filler release and Tau would be good for that because already almost all-plastic.

    If 6th edition is really summer 2012, I would be surprised to see two codices before that. Maybe a rushed Tau and a quickly patched up SoBmight fit in (as we already have heard rumours on plastic SoB models) but SoB seems unlikely.

    So, maybe they'll do a decent Tau codex in 2012 April, release 6th ed. in July-August 2012, and we will see Chaos Legions in around September-November 2012.
    I would think that maybe BT / DA is a good contestant for the April 2013 time slot, and there will be a massive Eldar release in November 2013. That's my guess, considering the trends I see in GW releases.

  7. First off: Nice Blog Naftka, I enjoy reading your stuff alot.

    But you seem to have obersten the confirmarions on Tau by Harry and Ghost on warseer. They posted some pretty interestIng stuff.

    @Dobi: there seems to be a imperial Wave Incoming in Jan/Feb. So Tau in April should be fine concerning the Imp./Xeno pattern

  8. I had to look up the word obersten, and could not find anything.

    Anyways, I did not see anything originated this week by harry and ghost, but am aware that Tau could indeed be coming around the march. They are on the list of upcoming codex's.

    The problem with this weeks tau rumors, is that they were based off the rumor I listed above, and taken beyond the context of the rumor as it was posted.

    If there was something I missed regarding something Harry or Ghost said this last week regarding Tau, please link me up. It's always very possible I missed something.

  9. Here you go, all part of the Tau-Rumors-Thread on warseer:

    I just looked for the "confirmations", but there is some neat other stuff in there.
    Like ghost21 more or less stating two new alien races (Demiurg and ???) and Harry pointing towards dual kits, which would be a novum for tau (except the skyray kit with the hammerhead frame, which more or less can't be counted as a dual kit) but in line with the recent codex releases.

    Hope I could help you out. ;)

  10. Pretty sure Demiurg and Hrud (Space Skaven equivalent) are not now, or ever being released and that's just old player wishlisting. The rumors for those two races becoming armies have been around 3rd edition.

    @Natfka: excellent blog! I've just begun following it in the past few weeks and I must say I thoroughly enjoy your writing, reviews, and insights.


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