Dark Millennium Online is now "pencilled in for a ship date of Spring 2012. The long awaited MMORG set in the warhammer 40k setting is one that I have been waiting to play for years. Here is the info....

Please remember that things can change and this is still labeled a rumor.

via Inquisitor Engel
Sorry I've not be present around here for long but I've been settling into my new role as Community Manager for a rather larger video game retailer. I was sent down to GDC Online this week (so I got sent back to Austin after just leaving!) and managed to get a tiny bit of info from the very tight-lipped folks at THQ.

- Dark Millennium Online has a "pencilled-in" ship date of Spring 2012.

- Same art style as Space Marine.

- PC AND Console-based. (!!!) The Rep said it would be Cross Platform, but couldn't be 100%. I don't see why it wouldn't be (and it would hurt it if not.)

- Developed by Vigil (Darksiders) and published by THQ. Relic also has a hand in the game in many places.

- "No comment" on "Good vs Evil" lineup. A Relic employee said he was "pleased" with how the factions had been grouped, but wouldn't go further.

That's all I got! Attachment of the poster is included.


  1. its bad if its cross blattform caus it will spitt the players... wich is smth you don´t want in a MMORPG... you want people all to play with each other... not depending on what consol they have.
    but we wil have to see till beta test or launch

    BT on the cover makes me thing...
    WILL BE A 40k DEX RELEASE along with the game? :)
    BT incomeing?

  2. I, as a PC master race player, must play with the low console gaming peasants? Fah! Away with such nonsense.
    On a more serious note, I feel like console MMOs just don't work as well. Not even when played on a PC. Developers are limiting themselves when working around a controller and other console limitations. You essentially lower the skill cap by reducing the number of buttons. It is no offense to those who want to play console MMOs, just how I feel.

    Doesn't mean it can't be good, it will just feel a bit less... open than most of today's MMOs, without a doubt.

  3. If those goes console i will cry. Why keep working with systems that are like 5 years old?

    Boo-urns. I hope this is all fake. BTw, coming out spring 2012?? It will be so rushed probably if thats the case. These days its all the rage, but coming out just a few months after The Old Republic? This game, and I say this sadly, will fail badly if its the case.

    Hope its all fake news.

  4. Sorry but cross platform is pure stupidity...

    microsoft tried it and it horribly failed
    because even the most mediocre pc-player
    stomped the best console players in multiplayer.

    it *could* be that due to the gameplay it *wont* make a difference, but as trailers had shown aiming *is* involved thus putting consoleros in a disadvantage related to aiming speed and accuracy

  5. I have to agree, Cross-platform usually means we've hammered it onto PC with console controls, so it will be a completely frustrating experience. DCUO did this, even Space Marine to some extent.

    Instead of a rich PC game they end up with this mess that you can obviously tell was made for a console controller. Lets hope this isn't the case, just give us a regular PC MMO please.

  6. http://www.thq.com/us/warhammer-40000-dark-millennium-online/

    Check that out. Says march 2013


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