Here is the latest in the Necron Backstory. There is definitely a lot of change for the Necrons, and many people, most particularly the players that have had this army for years do not like it. By the same token, I am curious as to the percentages of people that either like or do not like the changes in the new necrons.

I have a vocal minority complex, meaning I believe that most of what you hear are the vocal minority, but I have decided to find out the truth (at least as far as the truth can take us for people that visit this site).

I am going to do a quick poll on the left hand side of the screen, and run with all the updated information while the poll is running, so vote and lets see what the real feel of the people online are. It will be simple, Love them, Hate them, or somewhere between. I will even tone it down some, since we are mostly guys. Fantastic, somewhere between, or Hate them.

Below is the latest on what the Necron back story is. I will continue to update your information this week while we await the final release of necrons. The poll ends at midnight next Sunday PST

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The Necrontyr's empire was massive at one point, but the different Lords in the empire started to turn against each other in civil war. To prevent this from happening the overall ruler of the Necrons (the Silent King) started the war against the Old Ones specifically to give them a common enemy to fight against to prevent his empire from destroying itself. Of course, the Old Ones ended up kicking their butts and in desperation, the Silent King found the C'Tan and agreed to the Deceiver's pact without realizing what he was doing. However, after the Necrons helped the C'Tan to kill off the last Old Ones, the Silent King then ordered the Necrons to turn on the C'Tan in vengeance and utterly destroyed the C'Tan into tiny shards. This war agains the C'Tan weakened the Necrons overall so much they decided to go into stasis to avoid the vengeance of the Eldar (the C'Tan had killed the Old Ones, but not all their children).

Now that the Necrons have reawakened in the 41st millennium, their goal is no longer to 'harvest' souls for the C'Tan (the C'Tan shards are now their slaves) as it was in the old book, but rather to reestablish the great Necron empire that spanned the galaxy before the war with the Old Ones began. However, the overall hierarchy of the Necron people is gone for the most part, leaving each individual Empire to once again rule for itself. This means each Tomb World (or cluster of Necron worlds) is essentially a separate little empire to itself, with a full backstory and idiosyncrasies. While Necron warriors are pretty much just automatons and Immortals not too much better, every other higher Necron being is now much more like an actual person, as their essence is simply trapped inside a metal body.

So there is lots of crazy nuance to Necron culture that was never present before. The codex now has plenty of 'quote' boxes featuring memorable quotes from Necron Lords like other races have in their books. There are some Necron Lords who honor valor in battle, there are a few Necron Lords who trade with other races, and although an uneasy alliance apparently, yes Necrons and Blood Angels did end up fighting against a Tyranid Hive Fleet together. Oh, and there is definitely plenty of reason to have Necron vs. Necron action now (as the old feuds between competing Necron Lords flare back up again).

All in all, it is a major tonal shift. While part of me recoils from it, the other part of me thinks that Necrons as they were had no distinct 'character' that each player could choose to get behind. Yes, the race as a whole had 'character' in how it was organized and functioned, but there was never any really good reason that a player should have his Necron force painted and modeled 'X' way as opposed to another player with his Necron army looking 'Y' way. People certainly painted their Necrons in different (neat) ways, but there was never really any good fluff giving players inspiration to do so.

The only real 'personality' in the old book was the Deceiver, and that frankly wasn't the Necrons, it was their god. The mindless mission that all Necrons were on was basically really similar to Tyranids...the Necrons were coming to harvest every living thing in the galaxy (yawn).

This new incarnation, love it or hate it, gives the Necrons a whole wide array of personality and every single empire has different goals and motives (not to mention paint schemes, markings, etc). Some Necron Lords are obsessed with finding the perfect flesh bodies to transfer their sentience back into. One Necron Tomb World was damaged during the great sleep and erased all the Necron sentience and has started basically commanding its Necrons like true robots (and is actively attacking other Necron worlds to take them over and keep growing), and there are of course dozens more little stories. The Silent King, who put himself into exile (for his unforgivable crime against his people) by leaving the galaxy after defeating the C'Tan encountered the Tyranids in the void between galaxies and has returned to spur the Necrons into action against the Tyranids (realizing that if the Tyranids wipe the galaxy clean of biological matter, then the Necrons will never find a form to transfer their minds back into).

Oh, and the biggest rival of the Necrons is now actually the Altaoic (sp?) Craftworld. Apparently they are the only Eldar who stayed true on the original path to seek out and destroy Necron Tomb Worlds while the rest of the Eldar got all caught up and destroyed in their decadence and then the Fall. Altaoic rangers have traveled the galaxy far and wide over the millennia (ever since the Necrons went to sleep) to track down and destroy or hamper Tomb Worlds from reawakening.

So with this new direction there is now tons of different possibilities for players to make Necrons forces different from each other and there are neat new takes on 'nemesis' races like Eldar & Tyranids to drive gaming plots as well as good reason for Necron on Necron battles.

And as for totally destroying the background of the C'Tan, the codex does allude to the fact that there are lots of unaccounted for C'Tan shards still allegedly cast around the galaxy. The Necron are always trying to hunt them down and imprison them (in pocket dimension prisons), but this does still leave the door totally wide open for a shard of 'The Dragon' to be on Mars and for shards of 'The Deceiver' to have done all the crazy things that's been written about him in novels. Essentially, the full power C'Tan were massively, massively powerful, and the 'shard' versions of them are closer to the idea of what we had in the last codex anyway (something that can be killed/banished on a battlefield).

So while it is a little shocking to have such a massive fluff change hit, I do think it is probably the right way forward to create a more fully realized faction. But I do think it is probably going to be a massive turn-off to those players who absolutely adored the old fluff for the army.

It is very clear that the Eldar empire is the main reason they go into hibernation, having some sort of premonition that the Eldar can and will eventually crumble as all living beings and empires do.

It was a fairly solid plan, except a lot can go wrong when you're sleeping for 60 million years, and apparently billions of Necrons have been killed by simple, normal shifts in the galaxy in that time (stars going supernova, tectonics crushing tombs, etc)...but what they didn't predict was how poorly they'd all awake from the sleep. All Necrons were supposed to wake up at once, but that didn't happen. Some Necrons woke up during all periods of history (including the Horus Heresy) and many still haven't woken up. And in some cases those that wake up have suffered terrible afflictions (like the Flayer disease).

Since there are any number of strange and undocumented Tomb Worlds now, there is totally space for you to come up with whatever backstory and motivations you want for your personal Tomb World, much like every other codex allows players. Of course, there are also dozens of tiny little story snippets (as there are in every new codex) that give you plenty of inspiration to create and play armies as well. For example, say you really like the whole 'automaton' feeling the army had in the old codex. Well, in the codex they have a story telling of one Tomb World that during hibernation accidentally erased all the sentience from the sleeping Necrons and decided to 'take them over' and has since decided this is the way forward for the Necron race and is actively attacking other Necron Tomb Worlds to collect more bodies for the cause. Basically the only sentient brain in that whole army is the Tomb World itself (it even has given itself a name). So you could definitely use this backstory as 'your' Necron force and stick with more of a simple, robotic feel to your army.


  1. Honestly, I like it, and the general population of gamers around here seem to like it as well, with only one or two who don't like it so far but are waiting to see the codex. I think that the old codex was very boring, and lacked any true emotion. I'm a fluffy guy though, so I can't just throw models on the table and roll dice. I like to think there would be a reason that army "A" would be fighting army "B".

  2. C'tan fluff was cool and interesting, now it's stupid. Unless they did put a wink wink nudge nudge for this killing of Ctan's (improbable) and sleeping in fear of Eldar(stupid) being one of Deceiver's plans.

  3. I really liked the image of the Red Harvest, but by no means does the new background invalidate it. I have been toying with the idea of the Zealot.

    The Zealot is a Necron Overlord and one of the first High Priests of the C'tan. So now after their destruction and the reawakening of the Necrons, he and his armies go in search for the shards of the Deceiver, hoping to restore the Star God to its rightful place as deity.

    Gives him good reason to fight anything and everyone and Lychguard are essentially Pariahs, rules wise.

  4. I quite like the changes. The boring aspect of the old necron codex was what down checked them as my first army when I was first getting into the game a few years ago.

    Now, they're definitely on the, "will build an army from this dex," list. They're on the short list for next army, simply because of a fluff change, as I already liked the existing models.

    Personally, I don't really get the hate from some sections of the online community. They left room for the old fluff's incorporation to the new dynamic after all, while bringing a more diverse range of possibilities to the faction. Then again, I don't get the "40k lore /fluff must exist in an accordance in a way that adheres to the lens I view it through," mindset that seems to exist throughout the community, regardless of faction.

    See discussions around the Horus Heresy series, the new Necron fluff, or pretty much any online conversation about the game's background, for examples of what I'm referring to there.

  5. I don't know why people are complaining. Most of this fluff was established in the 5th Ed Rulebook's section on the Necrons. I actually really like it. It's taken what was a very boring army and given it character. Also it fixes the C'Tan, which never worked before. These things are meant to devour stars yet a daemon can kill them on the tabletop. they needed their background changed for them to work on the tabletop and at least this way they are still acknowledged, rather than being completely eliminated like people feared.

  6. fluff changes all the time... people should live with it... its just there to flavor the game

    people will always complain... now they are allready QQing about how bad crons got nerfed and that they are not OP enough??!!!
    Just like they did when with GKs at the very start.
    There is to much of a mantality of "the new dex should be super ubber"

  7. "Then again, I don't get the "40k lore /fluff must exist in an accordance in a way that adheres to the lens I view it through," mindset that seems to exist throughout the community, regardless of faction."

    Totally with you on that.

    I tend to laugh at people who get so emotionally invested in an IP that they go full nerd rage on the interwebs whenever the actual owner of said IP make derivations that don't fit their preconceived notions.

  8. I checked "like". Any necron player who claims to hate the new fluff must never have attempted to take part in a campaign, or scenario game where us necron players were always stuck with the dry "well, I guess my force just kinda shows up to kill everyone it sees". I also agree 100% with Garhdo, the c'tan made no sense in the previous book. They were god-entities of unmeasureable power on 40mm bases being taken out by scout snipers? doubtful.

  9. I "like" the new fluff too. Although the Red Harvest/C'Tan-Background of the old codex was quite nice, it always felt like "yeah, another Tyranid-like, life-eating menace. Just with robots instead of space-locusts".
    Now there is literally a galaxy full of possibilities why your army/Tomb World wages war upon whoever you like. So kinda like the point Anonymus (8:58AM) said.

  10. The C'tan in the previous book were silly. Like Khorne himself appearing on the battlefield, and taken down by a salvo of fire from basilisks. I "like" the new crons, because they have PERSONALITY. I totally agree with Chris B.

  11. I think one of the signs that fluff was heading this way was in the Black Crusade book. There's a couple of pages about the necrons apparently going around looting arceotech and destroying any defenders, but one warlord who held them off was then supposedly able to parley and trade with the leader of the machines, who the book gives a name to. I'll post some more after I get home later.

  12. @snaleking: Agreed. I saw the Nightbringer taken down with a laspistol once. Their rules made no sense compared to fluff. I might even get the codex soon. Although I want to know how the C'tan were killed.

  13. I voted Like, but I am trying to avoid most of the Necron info until the codex is out, mostly so I don't fall in love with some hearsay and it turns out to be wrong. SO the only thing I've read so far is this article (although I am borrowing my friend's White Dwarf in a few days and reading that, so maybe I will change my vote then).

  14. New Models on GW website look amazing. As a long time Necron player I did enjoy their previous fluff or lack there of as it had a nice element of mystery.

    As far as the new fluff, I am reserving judgment until I read the new dex. Too many false rumors on the internet about it. These last few months have been an emotional roller coaster.

  15. I like it. Turns all that I didnt like about Necrons. in to things I do like. Well done GW. Certainly gives more reason to start an army in my opinion.

  16. I Personally loath the new fluff. They took the Necrons which at the time were awesome evil terminators, and turned them into more of goody robocops. They could have easily expanded on who they where when they where the Necrontry which would explain why there are different color schemes and such; which would also tie into the other C'tan who are waging a war against each other using the Necrons.

    Instead we have an army that sounds a little like the Humans, and Tau.

    Humans: Save and reestablish control over there empire.
    Tau: Establish an Empire
    New Necrons: Reestablish control over there empire

    compared to the other xenos races

    orcs: War
    Eldar: Keep there race from extinction
    Dark ELdar: Suffering and Looting
    Tyranids: Eat
    Old Necrons: Harvest for a greater plan.

    Races had unique goals then.

  17. I've always liked the look of the Necron army but haven't collected before but now I will probably pick them up as my third army. I never had a problem with the old fluff but it just wasn't for me. As Damn the Valley I like to put fluff and back story into my armies so having that opportunity in the new codex is great.
    I might even intertwine the fluff of my new 'cron army with my current Dark Eldar a little (but only a little).

  18. The whole discussion on the fluff being valid or not doesn't really register on my radar. I look at 40k as a game of chess with fancy tokens and the armies that I play just need to fulfill the following requirements.

    1. Look good.
    2. Offer plenty of conversion options.
    3. Performs well on the table.
    4. Not be an "easy-button" army (aka: Imperial)

    In other words, I play Xenos to have fun with other competitive players who also value statlines over fluff when pushing plastic tokens across a table.

  19. As a fluff nerd im against the George Lucas effect. People complained that the necrons had no personality, but thats kind of the point. All teams need their own style, otherwise there will be lots of players left out. Now all i see is necrons running around looking for C'tans to the pokemon theme.
    To be fair though, its not the worst thing GW done.

  20. The whole idea of being unhappy about the fluff is just like the SM-hate thing, there's nothing you can do about, so accept it and enjoy it, cause farting into a hurricane won't make it go away. Anyway, who ever heard of GW listening to their clients?

  21. @Euronyme, lol, tiara wearing Necrons chasing after pokemon balls.

  22. I guess I will have to be one of the few dissenters. ITs not that i dislike the new fluff, I just liked the old fluff better. There was a sense of mystery and fear in the old codex, and when necrons first started hitting tables you could see that fear translated well into the game. Especially the monolith, that thing was intimidating back in 3rd. Now i feel like GW pulled the curtain back too far, theyve revealed too much about the crons and the army just seems a little too humanized to my liking. Their intimidation is gone because the one element that made them so terrifying was the inability of other races to reason with these emotionless killers, and that has completely been done away with.

    Im sure from a rules standpoint crons are still going to be plenty intimidating on the table, but that aura of story driven intimidation is gone. Oh one other thing, its funny that people complain the old necron motivation was too generic, yet the new one seems no better. Restoring an empire? That yells Eldar to me.

  23. Dude - the way you spelt ridiculous is well... ridiculous!

  24. lol, I am great with spell check. Otherwise I am a redicular speller and worse at tpyos.

  25. since these are still just rumours, i am a bit skeptical about this info. but i wouldn't be surprised if some of it, most of it or all of it turns out to be legit. i am waiting for the codex to reach my hands.

    as a Necron fiend, i always loved the lore/fluff and feel of the race. i like the "old" lore/fluff better than the new stuff. to me, it was much more mysterious, special, original, symbolic and characteristic to the Necrons. they where much more different compared to other races/armies. some say they lacked "personality", but that was the intention and charm of their race. in a sense, they did have "personality" in their own way, at least they did to me.

    if you've never liked Necrons because you thought they where "bland", then good for you. Necrons weren't your cup of tea. there's no reason why their background and feel had to be changed just to make them more "mainstream". in a hobby like this, there is always gonna be an "offbeat" thing that isn't used as much as others, that doesn't mean they can't co-exist with the rest the way they are.

    am i going to loose interest in Necrons now? no way, i will still love them as always. am i going to be a bit disappointed in this new stuff? yes, a little. change always brings some discontent. on the other side of things, i am liking some of the new stuff, mainly the new and redesigned models/units. they do look pleasantly dreadful.

    now, with how Necrons got so much bountiful attention with this advance, i hope they don't get neglected anymore in other WH40k things. i am hoping they are playable in both DoW3 and the 40K MMO. i can dream.

  26. A writer friend of mine once said, "Wanting to take over the world is not reason enough to want to take over the world." This is the exact reason that I like the new fluff. This revised background has given them a reason for existing, and doing what they do. No longer are they mindless, soul-less killing machines that kill for no reason other than to kill. With the new fluff, you can field an army for a reason that suits you - and tailor it to that purpose. Necrons now can range from neutrally friendly to old school mechanical killers. I feel it gives players a wider range in playability, and makes them a much more enjoyable army to field. Honestly, I don't see what the problem. Change is inevitable, and this one - in my opinion - is a good one.

  27. The best thing I have ever read on a forum related to fluff was that "the Black Library is full of idiots who know nothing about the fluff. They always get it wrong or twist it to sell a book." I lol'd at that one.

  28. Dislike it. I think they should've made them a break away faction. While I wasn't a huge fan of the Old Necrons, I definitely like them better than the New Necrons.

    They seem to be basically Tomb King Copies now. Nothing wrong with Tomb Kings in Space, but they didn't have to make such a complete and total turn around in Necron characterization to do it.

    I'd have prefered a break away faction.

  29. I like the new fluff about as much as I like the old.

    I just hope the army doesn't suck, and from what I can tell they wont. It is nice to not worry about phase out. It will be nice to have troop options.

    Honestly though while I am in the middle of a game I dont even remotely care about fluff. I want to know its stat line and abilities on the table top.

    That being said I like to see armies that are built on a theme or have a good paint job. I want to beable to see the story not be told about it, if that makes any sense at all.

    Whats really gotten old is the lack of imagination of missions and setting up a board for play. I want new missions and a better way of putting out terrain.

  30. If you had to worry about phase out, you were playing them wrong... If you built your old list properly you should be able to lose all your Necron Warriors and still have a healthy margin before phasing out.

    And yes, I played Necrons consistently through 5th.

    That being said, phase out was a bit too gimmicky and shouldn't have been written into a codex to begin with. It won't be missed.

  31. @Damn The Valley: Yeah, that's so obviously true. Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill, Aaron Dembski-Bowden,... have so no idea about the fluff ;) Thanks for this comment. Massive LOL :)

  32. my choice is: love. i love everything about new necrons, from minis to the background.

  33. Prefer the old fluff. It feels like another space marine codex with new chapters, instead of intimidating robotic killers. No big surprise given the author. Makes me worry about fluff changes for new codices on the way. I mean, come on, it's just Tomb King Space Marines.

  34. I dig the new background but with one caveat: GW really, REALLY made it too much "Tomb Kings in SPACE!!11!!1!!!" I know in editions past they were trying to move away from direct or indirect links between WHFB and WH40k, that goes for inter-relating fluff as well as similar sounding fluff, but this is just a blatant carbon copy from Fantasy with a fast forwarding of time by 40000 years.

    So my one gripe with the proposed new background (if true) is that there's little originality to it. They've done something similar before with Tomb Kings. I wish they had gone a different route.

    For example, you know what's scarier than a souless killer robot/automaton? A robot/automaton that has a soul and still feels no compunction about killing and destroying the universe. As a literary function, the reader can more easily dismiss the souless killer as he (the killer) doesn't know any better, he doesn't know right from wrong. But the reader has a much much harder time justifying the actions of one who does know and understand right and wrong. My one literary critique anyway :P

  35. Love the new fluff!

  36. I have to say, I'm not a fan of these changes. It essentially invalidates all of the Necron fluff of the various novels and Dawn of War games that feature them. However. I've come up with a lore fitting explanation. The Necrons encountered before now are exiles worshipping C'tan shards and trying to restore the C'tan to ther rightful place in the galaxy. This would fit very well imo. It would also set the stage for some Necron vs Necron battles.

    It seems that GW is turning the Necrons even more into 'Tomb Kings in SPACE!'... Oh well. I'll turn my necrons into C'tan worshipping heretics and slaughter anyone who says otherwise :)

  37. i love the new necron codex and minis i have necrons as my main army and still thought they were boring because they were just machines exterminating because they were slaves but now they control their own destiny (spoiler for people who dont have the codex) some are even trying to find a way to get them back to flesh and soul its a definite upgrade for this once dull race


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