The Mega Paint Set is available again for pre-order. It is due to be released on October 29th and comes with a beautiful carrying case. Much nicer than anything I have currently for my models. I suppose its time to upgrade my army cases.

Amazingly enough, the latest new products for finecast models are not included, no liquid green stuff, no clean up kits or emery boards. Even though it can all be bought separately, perhaps its time to release the "Ultimate" Mega Paint and Model Set.

via Games Workshop
You get all 73 Citadel paints, including 18 Foundation paints, 7 metallic paints, 8 Washes, and a pot of Gloss Varnish to make all your gemstones shiny. Then there's one of each of the brushes, ranging from the super-wide Large Drybrush to the extra-thin Fine Detail Brush. There's also a pot of Sand, three pots of Static Grass (of varying verdancy) and a pot of PVA Glue to stick it to your bases.


  1. GW colores are a rip off... and this set isn´t much of a bargain compared to how much you spend

    Valejo FTW

  2. I prefer GW's paints!

    I buy this mega paint set!

  3. I used to buy GW Paints all the time but now that I'm using an airbrush more and more I find myself selling off my GW paints in favor of Valejo and Reaper paints.

    On topic with the paint kit the cost of the kit itself is basically the paints, so you get the brushes, Sand, Grass and PVA glue for free (plus the case which I'm sure there are those would would love it.)

    Not a bad deal if you like GW paints.


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