Here they are, they have finally arrived, and even a few hours early. The video shows off these amazing models, and there is some quick fluff on the GW site that dates Necrons to be 64 million years old, before mankind even existed. Nice video GW, the models look fantastic close up.

There is quite a bit to check out. Ive posted a couple pics and the link, but I have not yet discovered anything shocking that we did not know about already. Post it if you find it.


  1. the turning 360° option is quit intressting
    some models look wierd from the back

    cabels going up immortal bums, powering their weapons ^^

    also on the destroyers you can see lil painting misstakes/imperfections ^^

    hope they do this for all kits in future

  2. I am still just interested in the Doomscythe. you can actually see them in the top left corner of the Necron Overlord's background.

  3. the video is amazing.

  4. plastic deathmarks-> plastic sci-fi sniper rifles-> cheap vindicare assassin conversions?

  5. sm scout cheap vindicare assassine conversions?

    vindi is below 10,- on ebay the box scouts costs more

  6. any idea what happened to the Wraiths, Tomb Spyders and Scarabs. I would have thought they'd be rereleased with everything else.

  7. Wraiths and tomb spyders are probably in wave 2, while scarabs are not changing model wise.

  8. so they are getting new models then? instead of just getting a finecast makeover? cool.


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