Here is what is on the official November Release sheet. It includes the first wave of Necrons and a bunch of Craftworld Eldar that are moving to Finecast this month.

The Official Necron announcement is due on Saturday, October 29th. Now I know everyone is saying that the 29th will also open up pre-orders, but the document I have says orders start on Monday October 31st with the official release date of November 5th.

Here it is, November 2011 Releases. No salt required. This is taken directly from the retailers sheet. Source to remain anonymous.

Codex Necrons $33
Necron Warriors $35  Plastic repack
Necron Lychguard $33  New plastic
Necron Immortals $33   New plastic
Ghost/Doomsday Ark $49.50  New plastic
Catacomb CMD Barge $33  New plastic
Necron Destroyer $20  Plastic repack
Necron Monolith $66  Plastic repack
Flayed One Pack $45  New Finecast
Necron Overlord $18.25  New Finecast
Necron Cryptek $15.25  New Finecast
Imotekh the Stormlord $18.25  New Finecast
Trazyn the Infinite $18.25  New Finecast
Necron Lord Res Orb $15.25  Now in Finecast
C'tan Nightbringer $35.50  Now in Finecast
C'tan the Deciever $35.50  Now in Finecast

Sammael of Ravenwing $49.50 Now in Finecast
Eldar Warp Spiders $35.50 Now in Finecast
Howling Banshees $35.50 Now in Finecast
Eldar Fire Dragons $35.50 Now in Finecast
Swooping Hawks $35.50 Now in Finecast
Harlequin Troupe $35.50 Now in Finecast
Eldrad Ulthran $20.75 Now in Finecast
Captain Sicarius $18.25 Now in Finecast
High Marsh. Helbrecht $20.75 Now in Finecast
Tyrion $38 Now in Finecast
Korhil $18.25 Now in Finecast

Horus Heresy Boxset $89.85
Mega Paint Set 2011 $247.50 New repackage


  1. Horus Heresy Boxset $89.85


  2. Not giving away any location, since I don't want to get anyone into trouble, but today in my local GW store, the manager was reluctant to talk about anything relating to the Necron release, except for telling me the advance orders start on saturday (29th October).

    Whether there is any substance to this, I don't know, but I guess we'll find out this weekend one way or the other. Excited!!!

  3. huh, $45 for flayed one's....I wonder if the codex will give them any bonuses. Other than that the prices don't really seem so bad.

  4. @Eric: Could this be meant ?

  5. The document is the one sent to idependent retailers. Taking orders on the 29th isnt that far out of reach, if they have to hold them until Monday to submit.

    I imagine the horus heresy listing is for the black library, but not sure. I just retyped everything from the release sheet as is. the product code on it is BL366.

  6. And sammael finecast...mmh! good news!

  7. can´t belive they are makeing more and more of these finecast REcasts of od models... no one buys them if you can get them for les than half on ebay
    GW prob. doesn´t even care caus the can just hike the price up a lil more than usual next march :P

  8. GW retail stores have the Horus Herasy audio books available as of last weekend. Pretty sure that is it.

  9. WD release Friday, pre-orders Saturday. that's the case in my FLGS anyway. (UK)

  10. what are those prices in ' real(joke)' money? Is the exchange still 1.50ish dollar to 1pound sterling?

  11. I was really worried about the prices since ogre kingdoms seemed a tad bit costly, aside from the flayed ones this looks great. I mean immortals used to be $14 for one. Now they are 5 for $33. A welcome change. Not often things go down in price.

  12. I hate the way these translate to Canadian dollar. To try and support my local store owner I have to pay $10 more for most boxes. If GW manages to look up North American exchange rates after 1990, these prices would be amazing in Canada... sigh.

  13. Where are the praetorians?!?! >:/

  14. @October 25, 2011 1:55 PM Anon:

    I know what you mean. Take a look at lictors; there's a $20 difference between the Canadian Price and the American price (though admittedly they are an outlier). It's retarded. I love my FLGS, but I don't love them enough to pay $40 for a box of Immortals when I can get them for $26.40 from a US website with 20% off (not to mention I can't afford to collect at the full Canadian prices anyway).

  15. @ above
    would you happen to have a link to that site?

  16. @October 25, 2011 4:34 PM Anon:

    They do 20% off US retail prices. Their shipping costs can be expensive sometimes, but with Wayland and Maelstrom no longer accessable they are one of the better places to buy. I've only dealt with them once before, but they got me my stuff within a week, they refunded some of my S&H costs when the total turned out to be lower than what I paid, and when I noticed I was missing some bitz they replaced them themselves as they had some extras in stock. Of course this was a few years ago, but I'd be surprised if they weren't still just as good as before.

  17. horus heresy is the boardgame they put out...


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