Here is a small rumor set for Chaos Legions. It is saying that Chaos Legions will be a super-elite army. 10,000 year old marines kicking butt. It also declares a second codex Chaos Renegades that will get at first a White Dwarf treatment, followed by a real codex a couple years down the road.

As far as release schedule, its still too early to say, and these rumors are trying to say Legions of Chaos will be further down the road. Personally with the way the rumor mill has been hitting, I think we will see Chaos Legions next year, just too many sources claiming it will be before or right after our 6th edition release next summer.

These are rumors, please take with salt.

Via Schell
Chaos seems to be coming out around the new 40k rule book, which is rumoured for release next summer.

I believe someone started a rumour a couple of months ago, cannot remember who, stating that chaos would be the first (hardback???) release for the new rulebook.

The starter set(s) are Chaos and Dark Angels; this was the original rumour; however, this was quickly trashed by saying that Dark Angels would NOT be in the starter set. Chaos does seem to be there though.

Apparently Imperial Guard renegade armies will be a part of the Chaos release.

via Ghost21
the first thing i have to say is that there are 2 chaos books planed
one more renagade based the other legion based the legion one will be that, dudes who are 10000 years old kicking ass n taking names
there "may" be a inquisitor whos gone bad but really expect new guys in the renegade one
its lost and the damned influenced... but it has other options....
also 2012??...maybe at a push
Questions answered by Ghost21
Originally Posted by RandomThoughts
Let me break this down:
Chaos Legions as an uber-elite army, probably comparable to Grey Knights in that regard.


Originally Posted by RandomThoughts
And a second book that deals with Chaos Renegades, that includes Chaos Guard, or might even focus on non-marine Chaos.


Originally Posted by RandomThoughts
Finally, the Chaos Legion book is supposed to come out close to the new Edition (your words, Ghost), and the Chaos Renegades will most likely come out in early 2013.

no im saying that 2012 seems a tad too soon maybe dec 2012 but honestly there are 3 other books as far as im aware first

via Marik Law
Just asked my source about the two Chaos books ghost21 mentioned. He said that Legions was coming first and that Renegades would first get a WD article soon after that and that a new Codex would come out later (about 1-2 years after the WD article).


  1. CSM on the front of the next starter box is a nice variation to what we always had but i don´t expect to have to Marine froces in a starter kit... the question is what other foe would make sence in the starter set. IG Eldar Tau? IG would be best caus the many troops get expensive :D

    i hope they really make the "standart" CSMs a bit more intressting to take in perspectiv to Khorn Nurgel ect.

    and have more focus on the other legions like Word-bearers Iron-warrior Black-legion Alpha-legion & Night-lords and give them smth worth while

  2. Having spent an untold amount on all of those Vraks kits, these rumors are making me very happy!!!

  3. Don't (and won't) play with Chaos but these are exciting news nevertheless.

  4. Here's hoping they bring back Dark Apostles and Warsmiths, make T-Sons playable, and rework how the Marks effect certain units.

  5. I hate the two current 40k chaos books - they suck so hard on every level, but the lack of mobility is the worst : (

  6. My CSM army is gathering dust. The fluff is standard, the rules are a pain. Look at Siege of Vraks: decent rules, brilliant fluff, and great models. No wonder I'm saving up for Renegade Militia stuff.
    Cool rumours, though. I really hope they're true.

  7. I was a dedicated Night Lords player in 3rd edition (well, Dark eldar were #1, Night Lords #2). Absolutely loved the infiltrating veterans in both elite and troop slots. If we go back to those days with nice custom rules for the chaos factions, I will be doing a brand new army.

  8. @ anonymous
    if they suck for you play smth els -.-
    CSM is still one of the stronger books... ofc one needs the ability to make good lists

    they don´t just become good with a new dex... you still need to be able to make lists and play tacticlly.

  9. Long time reader first time poster,

    Until a short time ago I had a good friend on the inside at GW that was kind enough to keep me in the loop on a few things (the majority were concerning the new kits)- I play Chaos so he let me in on some tid bits about the 'ideas' flying about for the Legions book.


    The Lords will have a similar creation path to the Space Wolves Sagas (depending on the God they follow, these represent the infamy of the said lord)

    A return of the Legion specific Lords - Read Warsmiths etc

    Cult troops are harder and in his words "the correct level of badass for ex-legionaries"

    The majority of the things he told me were concerning fluff changes and kit changes, sorry I've not got more info to add to the pot.

  10. I started my Death Guard armywhen the rules first appeared in Index Astartes WD and I have played them as my main army to this day.

    Much to my Primarchs disapproval, I have deployed Rhinos for my foot sloggers, but maintain my squads of seven so that big daddy nurgle doesn't turn me into something unnatural.

    I hope they can go back to the trench fighting, WMD chemical warfare badasses like they were on Vraks... And let me use Blight Drones please.

    ~ Nemesis

  11. That is good news, I cant wait and Hope they finally do something with Slaanesh..My army.. would love to see them MORE HELLRAISERish, But not from the HORRIBLE movies the book...

  12. All I can hope for is that they look at the IG codex for inspiration. I am not an IG player but the codex is beyond a doubt the best ever designed. With this one Codex you can field all the armies you've ever dreamed of, from Lost and the Damned to Ecclesiastical army of fanatics. The Imperial Guard is so vast and the regiments so unique, but somehow this one codex fits them all.

    E.g. an Adeptus Mechanicus army, StormTroopers=Skitarri, normal Guardsmen=Menials, Conscripts=Rabble/Slaves/Indentured, Ratlings=Murder Drones, Ogryns=Legio Cybernetica, Rough Riders=Assault Drones/Servitors, take LR Executioners and you've got a Mechanicus army, you don't even have to take Techpriests.

    If they can do it for IG, then they can do it for the Legions of Chaos as well.

  13. A Chaos Legion book, that sounds amazing...Been playing since early 4th, and getting to play my lords army( Nurgle) in its puriest form sounds fantastic

  14. An elite army on the level of the Grey Knights? Yes! Yes! Eternal Glory to Chaos! All Praise to the Changer of Ways! All bow to the Architect of Fate! For He is all, and we are his heralds of Change!

  15. If the author to Codex: Chaos Legions has read Soul Hunter and Blood Reaver, then I'll have a new favourate army

  16. Will there be rouge imperial gaurdsman as troops as well as chaos marines in renegades, if so it will be very good all round army

  17. I think war smith honsou and his crew from the books would be awesome to play with and, blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne!


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