There are a few things that I feel are misrepresented, but overall it is a good video to watch. Games Workshop is the game of choice for so many people, and to narrow it down, Warhammer 40k. Even though there are a lot of people sending in letters and petitions, this video is by far the best I've seen or read.

My Complaint: The hosts perception of the global market was a little narrow, as shipping into a country is not all that is factored in. Its not just currency rates, but taxes, the costs of running a buisness there and it's shops, wages,  cost of living, and much more. Companies digging into this probably should not have been called free loaders, instead GW should of just told us what they were thinking without resorting to name calling, as it forces its customers to take sides.

Beyond this criticism there is a lot here in this video that strikes a cord. Release the comments.......


  1. agree with this guy...

  2. I agree on some points, but not all. His point of view is the point of someone who own an online business as well as a store, so it makes sens. But he also try to apply some rules that are working for mass market, not quite the same for niche market. Client rarely leaves. They might pause, but usually if you are hooked, you never truly leave the hobby.
    However, I agree with him and wish that GW will get less "comfortable" and actually try to surprise us more often. I think there is room for dynamism in the way they are selling as well as creating games. (sorry for my poor English, not my first language)


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