Some more rumors regarding the Storm of Magic expansion that just around the corner. Wood Elves are my cup of tea when it comes to Fantasy, so any information regarding them is a plus. Not to mention that word is that they are due out next year at this time with a new codex.

These are rumors so please take with the standard grain of salt.
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I got to hear some rumours and here is the run down of the convo:

All the elven races will get some type of buff during SoM since there ancient old and magic masters, the wood elves even more so since all manner of Monster live in there woods, so they will have some experience in controlling them. Lizardmen even thou they are steeped in magic and ancient they won't get much due to the fact they live be the masters plan and anything out of that will get deaded. Cockatricve that has been mentioned will look something like an evil/very angry chocobo. It was also mentioned that SoM is GW foot in the door to release new armies... I don't mean now but in the futher so keep your eyes open for some of the eastern nations getting army books aka Nippon and Araby. Rumours that one of the new massive war engines could be some form of floating castle seen in the Empire bit of the BRB.

Someone also showed me photo's of a Orc Savage shaman riding a carnasour and it will be legal in SoM... if so I want to create an Empire Life wizard contorlling a tree man

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