The Sisters of Battle codex is confirmed for a July/August release. I had thought for sure we were going to see Necrons, but thats how the dice fly. Sisters of Battle are here.

Sisters of Battle are on the horizon. Check out the pic from the new White Dwarf. The relevant information is on the bottom left. Is it a white dwarf codex or a full codex? the next couple hours should tell.

Here is what it says:
Exclusively in the next issue of White Dwarf, we present the first part of the codex: Sisters of battle. You will find background and bestiary for the devoted warriors of the Ecclesiarchy.

This pic's credit goes to M'ichal who got his White Dwarf early


  1. "We present the first part of the Codex: Sisters of Battle" sounds like a WD release to me!

    Similar to the old BA release, with background and such first, with rules in second part, pdf online a while later.

    Look forward to seeing what they do, but kind of sad to see the WH go.

  2. lol i had put my money on necrons.

  3. well the crons may still be the next CODEX relesed if the sisters are only a WD witch means we wont be seing the crons in aug, but might still get them in sept, or more likly oct, mabey nov but my moneyts on oct.

  4. I guess this means no new models or anything else.

  5. Interesting that it states specifically that they're warriors of the "Ecclesiarchy". Does this hint at the idea that we'll see little Inquisition in the new "dex" and more of an Imperial Cult presence?

    Would be cool in order to really separate what the GK are vs what the Sisters are.

  6. What on the name of the holly Saint Katherine is this heresy?!

    A white dwarf release?! this is unacceptable. the ordo hereticus will hear about this witchcraftly.

  7. GW game development team and events staff wanted Codex:Witch Hunters to be removed from active armies before Throne Of Skulls tourney to close any allies loopholes once and for all.

    This is just a stop gap measure to address this issue before the next tournament season starts.

    Expect a full Sister of Battle codex and new plastics later.

  8. Trent, I hope so. I would really like to see a full fledged codex.

    However, wouldnt it be easier for GW to just do a quick Errata/FAQ and get rid of allies if that is what they were concerned about?

  9. I just hope they at least get some re-sculpts and not just re-casts into finecast. I won't hold my breath though.

  10. kinda sad and joy to know, but belive they will do the same with several codex before 6ed just to have all the armies upgrade and "balancing"

  11. It's going to be a terrible release, calling it now

  12. So yay were going to get a powerarmoured, but not genetically engineered supermonkeys in space codex. They aren't a favorite of mine to get a new codex (GIMME TAU DAMNIT) but certainly more interesting then any BT/SW/BA/DA/SM/CSM/GK (note: if you want to play space marines get some of each, paint them neutrally and BANG you can play 7 different armies...)

    and some Meltas hopefully

  13. Damn GW! Why not wait for a while then and release a proper Codex and proper units? Maybe they run into problems with their flying rules or their new necrons, hence bringing out a half-assed incomplete sisters codex.

    Trent: I checked the thrones of skull rules and Codex:witch hunters is an accepted codex but without any allies and no one can take witch hunters as allies either. So this neutered release is not because of the tournament. They probably have nothing else to come up with.

  14. so NO figs.... -.-
    prob just rules made suitable to GKs in order to sell of the metal stock

  15. I reckon we'll get mini's after all they've been in the pipeline for ages and GW know they wont make much more money on re-releasing the metals/fine casts.

    Therefore we'll see if anything Finecast Canoness, plastic basic/jump sisters, plastic heavy/special sisters and maybe the repressor we've all been drooling over... I mean dreaming of.

    Also the plastic priest kit would be nice, and zealots.

  16. Well there are rumors going around that the Necrons Codex will appear around the time of Halloween "Necrons will be release when the dead come out and play", a friend of mine found this at some community, still just a rumor. He also stated that the C'tan shall be removed from play, but the Necrons shall get a lot more lore & history as well as a crapload of new stuff.

  17. Trent is right, if they just suddenly make an otherwise legal army illegal and the obvious reason is that GW is to lazy/locked into stupid marketing plan to get 'er done, people will get upset.

    I was ready for such chicken excrement with an alternate list, but I was going to raise a stink because I was sticking an Inq Lord with psyhood in my primary list for 'Ard Boyz.

    Boardwide 41%+ chance of shutting down every psychic power cast (if you have a Ld10 psyker)? For five more points making it 58%+ within 24" (or if you are only Ld9)?

    I'd shaft most of the lists I've seen played until they got rid of the =I= guy.


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