I saw this yesterday, even though I was on the road the whole day. From what I read, it is a very good FAQ with most of it being common sense. However, common sense is sometimes what we find lacking on the table top when coming across some of the weird rules people believe in.

Here are some links to the following FAQ changes.


Vacation Comments below

Vacation wise, I am in Valemount today and will be arriving in Edmonton later this evening. Valemount is very beautiful. The next few days will be rather limited access online.

If I get a chance to, I will let Edmontonians interested know when I will be swinging through the GW store at West Edmonton Mall. I can't promise anything.


  1. Really? Do Grey Knights players need an FAQ? Don't they just take their fingers and randomly select units from the codex and play? Do they actually know the rules of the game or do they simply wait until their opponent surrenders? As much as I despise Space Marine players, there are no words for the disdain I feel towards Grey Knight players. I'd rather discuss the existence of God with a lamp post than play against a Grey Knight's player.

  2. Less Gay Knite news and more Sisters, lol

    yes I'm aware I spelt them wrong, it's my way of showing hatred towards such a cheese filled cheesy codex.

  3. So I walk into my local Games Workshop shop to buy my first box of tyranid warriors, after having decided on a colour scheme using DoW2. So there's this guy, fat but not obese, bald and pale with a set of black rimmed spectacles, your average early 90's gamer.

    He is complaining about something, so I listen for a while, being a naturally curious person. So fat dude is angry about fluff not fitting rules and I silently agree with him, it should be important that rules and fluff should go together.

    Then just as I was about to join this discussion I hear the words "pair of nemesis falchions". The guy was activly complaining to the store manager about the faq not giving grey knight terminators +2 attacks.

    So I buy my Tyranids, I walk out the door and I sit down on the pavement to have a smoke. Thinking, for the first time in ten years, that I should drop the hobby and start fly fishing.


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