It seems policy changes are something of an everyday occurance these days, so why not add another. While I normally do not get too worked up on these, this one seems a little counter-productive. I understand the need to get customers to their stores for release dates, but this is a little rediculas. I think people won't worry about getting down to the stores, and just wait the extra couple days to get their new release products.
This appears more of a fact than an actual rumor, but still take it with a little salt until we see this followed through with more new products, or we hear an official announcement.

via Brass Scorpion
Here's another blow from GW designed to drive customers to the stores, but also guaranteed to drive customers who don't live near stores bonkers. If you look carefully at the release policy on the latest Advance Orders, the ones for Storm Of Magic, advance orders that customers have shipped to addresses other than their local shop (i.e., their home address) will no longer be shipped in time them to have the order by release day. Instead, they will be shipped the Friday before the Saturday release day, guaranteeing that the item will not arrive till at least a couple days AFTER release date.

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