It seems policy changes are something of an everyday occurance these days, so why not add another. While I normally do not get too worked up on these, this one seems a little counter-productive. I understand the need to get customers to their stores for release dates, but this is a little rediculas. I think people won't worry about getting down to the stores, and just wait the extra couple days to get their new release products.
This appears more of a fact than an actual rumor, but still take it with a little salt until we see this followed through with more new products, or we hear an official announcement.

via Brass Scorpion
Here's another blow from GW designed to drive customers to the stores, but also guaranteed to drive customers who don't live near stores bonkers. If you look carefully at the release policy on the latest Advance Orders, the ones for Storm Of Magic, advance orders that customers have shipped to addresses other than their local shop (i.e., their home address) will no longer be shipped in time them to have the order by release day. Instead, they will be shipped the Friday before the Saturday release day, guaranteeing that the item will not arrive till at least a couple days AFTER release date.


  1. Come on, I'm not a GW fanboy those days, but I could bring many reasons not to send thoses orders prior to release day !
    Two in many :
    - Sending order for local shop prior to individual workshop seems pretty natural !
    - You cannot control shipmping delay, therefore sendind every package on release day seems a fair deal

  2. well jeah they don´t want people posting up pics of how crappy the model is before releas ^^
    you now have to wait or go to GW if you are really desperate to see/buy the model

    since i would not buy at GW unless its a GW only model and get all i need from retailers in the UK, meaning i have to wait 3-4 weeks longer anyways, i don´t really care about this.

    ps. this was rumored before aong with the WD reales change and no more email to store change.

  3. Yeah im with Frenchhammer here. Seems quite normal to me, tbh...

  4. This seems perfectly reasonable and only helps your local brick-and-mortar gaming store.

    Why pick it up at your local shop if you can get it earlier than the street date?

    Good god the histrionics about GW are laughable. You should try dealing with a bookseller and a Harry Potter or Twilight "no sale before X:00" street date!

  5. ya but things were fine before GW fucked them up. i dont give a shit if you THINK its reasonable they just screwed MANY people over and your SUPPORTIONG them WHAT THE FUCK! i ALWAYS go to my local hobby store to buy gw stuff but that dosent mean that people who like to order direct should get the shaft. fuck gw and fuck gw supporters.

  6. As someone who doesn't have a LGS or GW within 50 miles (the guy 20 miles away that sells some stuff out of his garage and counts it as a "shop" really doesn't count since his inventory is patchy at best) I am kinda upset about this. I remember getting the new DE codex a few days before it was released and it made me want to order new things from GW because I can get them sooner. Well now that has died I guess I have to stick to Amazon/Dicebucket no matter what.

  7. Dunno how it looks in the US or down-under, but here in Germany I wouldn't say that GW pays more than lip-service to local brick&mortar stores.

    And I'm not going into the topic that all those "big&bad" UK webstores run a brick&mortar store too.

    What has GW done over the last few years?

    - Set up stores in cities where independent sellers did well. Most of these stores closed down or only survive because they sell anime-trading cards and manga books to kids and teenagers.
    - Told smaller stores that they can only order once a week.

    What have they down with the switch to Finecast?

    - Delivered a product with a horrible quality control. Two of the larger German stores that also run a web-shop, one of them funding one the bigger German hobby-boards and handing out vouchers as trophies for local tournaments (which GW doesn't do, you don't even get one at their own ToS tournament), have stopped selling FCast. Wayland has stopped selling FC.
    - Local indi stores only stock small quantities, so quality issues with FC are a HUGE problem for smaller stores. Esp. if there is a GW store in your town too.

    I asked the owner of my FLGS if he could order FC stuff like character models. The answer was that he can't put them on the shelf, but he can order single blisters "on demand" for regular customers. How is that working to help small independent stores at all? According to him he hasn't sold any FC stuff yet, the only things people have ordered were a few DE scourges and venom boxes.

    And if the rumors from BoK are true, GW will change their pre-order policies for stores too. You then buy a "release kit" that includes a good mixture of all the new stuff. They can only order specific stuff after the release day.

    To me the new GW policy isn't centered on helping independent stores. The aim is to get people buy stuff either at a local GW store or through GWs own webstore. Bigger profit = happy shareholders. Okay, I'm fine with that because that's their job. But please don't feed us that "we love independent brick&mortar stores" and "our prices show of the quality of our products" line of pure bullshit.

  8. I can understand completely why they have done this. Pre-order sales with other online stores have been negatively impacting in store sales of new items for years.
    The Ork Stompa for example was an absolute flop in terms of instore sales during the first weekend because so many had been preordered through other websites.
    With the ever collapsing state of brick and mortar retail in the UK, these steps are necessary to keep them open no matter how unpalatable they are.

    And Anonymous, calm the feth down. It's a game, it's luxury items that you DO NOT NEED TO LIVE. There are far, far more things worth getting irate about, the cost of plastic toy soldiers and how fast you can get them is not one of them.

  9. so they can have launch/release parties and have people attend them at their local stores!

  10. Except when they just closed your local store this past weekend. =(


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