Before I had left for vacation I had promised a friend of mine to start posting Warhammer Fantasy related rumors that I found. So keeping with my word, here is another round for the upcoming release Storm of Magic.

These new spells are require you to hold fulcrums, one of each type depending on whether you hold the same number of fulcrums as your opponent, or if you hold more. Luckily there are Presence spells as well, you just have to hold one.

Please remember that these are rumors until we actually get the thing in our hands.

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3 kinds of uberspell, Presence, Equilibrium, and Dominance. Presence spells can be cast whenever you own a fulcrum, Equilibrium spells can be cast when you and your opponent own the same amount of fulcrums, and Dominance spells can be cast when you own more fulcrums than your opponent.

Apparently, each lore in the rulebook gets one of each kind of spell. Some of the rumoured ones are:

Lore of Life -
P - Enlightenment: 20+: 
Hex on forces of Destruction, Augment on forces of Order. All units within 12 of the caster, including the caster. Order units unbreakable until the start of the casters next magic turn. Destruction units takes LD-test on 4d6(!), for each point over their LD the unit takes a wound. Non-aligned units are unaffected.

E - Time Amok: 20+:
This turn there is either an extra shooting or close combat phase immediately after the first.

D - Assault of Stone: 25+:
Drop a Citadel Gaming hill anywhere within 24" not on other terrain other than obstacles. Unit under takes a initiative test. If passed strength 5 hit, if failed strength 10 hit on every model.

Lore of Metal -
P - Meteoric Ironclad: 10+:
Augment spell with range of 24", target unit 2+ ward save until start of casters next magic phase.

E - Quicksilver Swords: 15+:
Augment spell, range 24", until casters next magic phase the units attack wounds automatically and no armour saves can be taken (OUCH)

D - Gehenna's Golden Globe: 25+:
Vortex, large template, Artillery dice of inch in chosen direction, if misfire, on mage and d6 in random direction. Characters or Monsters removed on 5+, other units 3+, removed, so I guess that means no saves. In subsequent turns the vortex moves random artillery dice, if misfire it is removed.

Lore of Life -
P - The Gardens Warcry: 10+:
Summoning spell, 48" place a Blood forest. Any models under are placed within it. Takes 2D6 S4 hits, but the wood does not move away.

E - Storm of Renewal: 15+:
Vortex, large template, The mage chose direction, artillery dice x2, if misfire, place over mage, scatter d6, random direction. Replaces 2d6+1 wounds on unit it passes over, like regrowth spell. Keeps moving randomly artillerydice of inch next turns, if misfire then is rolled it is removed.

D - Verdant Apotheosis: 30+:
Well...Augment spell, target a unit on the battlefield or a unit detroyed! If on the battlefield, all models are healed to full wounds, and all common units, not characters which have been killed are returned to life with full wounds. If the unit in question is destroyed, it is returned from death and placed anywhere within 24" from the caster, facing any direction, 1" from other units or impassable terrain. NO characters are returned from death.

Lore of Heavens -
P - Let the Four Winds Blow: 15+:
Magic missile, range 48", target 4 units or vortexes, any combination. Each target is pushed 2D6 from caster, resolve in any order of your choosing. If unit in contact with impassable terrain, stops and 2D6 S3 hits. if contact with other unit, stop 1" and both units suffer 2D6 S3 hits. If a unit comes in contact with a vortex or the other way around, the vortex moves through the unit and the unit suffers the effects.

E - Fantastic Foresight: 10+:
Remains in play. Augment spell, targets all friendly wizards. Reroll all: casting, dispel, channeling.

D -
Thorsen's Thunderstorm: 20+:
Vortex, artillery dice x2 in chosen direction, otherwise just like the vortex described above with misfire and next turns. If unit is hit by vortex, suffer S6 hits, also moved 2D6 in random direction and otherwise as Let the Four Winds Blow above.

I've also rumblings that each race gets specific spells for the lores they take - not sure how accurate that is, but I've heard the Druchii get access to a spell called "Obliteration", which could be nasty knowing how reckless the Druchii can be.

More misc stuff includes-
Tzeentch sorcerers on a Fulcrum apparently get a 2+ ward save

Theres rules for Exalted Greater Daemons, which could mean FW models see more use

I like this one - one of the WOC spells is apparently called "Grandfather Nurgles Circle of Life". 5D6 hits, wound on a 4+, and if 10 or more unsaved wounds are caused a Daemon Prince is summoned. A Slaanesh one which gives you control of enemy units is also being bandied about.

Goblins have a spell called "Great Green Meanness", makes one unit be auto hit by O&G units for a turn, as well as the Big Waaagh getting a S9 foot of gork.

Tomb Kings have a spell called "Return of the Golden Age". Seems to be an armywide stat booster.

The Ancestor Rune of Grungni allows a unit to reroll all failed rolls to hit as well as fighting with another rank.

High Elves apparently recieve a spell to summon an Arcane Fulcrum.

Lore of Beasts has a spell called "Merciws Monstrous Flock" which DOUBLES the Strength, Toughness and number of Attacks of one of your units.

Beastmen get spells to automatically pass Primal Fury tests, give your units Frenzy, and destroy buildings/warmachines.

Wood Elves get a magic item which can transform forests into monstrous infantry (which is COOL)Fire Warrior (p36 C:Tau 4th)

Force Weapon (p50 40k 5th)

Leadership (p4, WFB WFB 7th)

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