Yesterday I went and picked up what I have been needing to get, and no it was not a new Citadel Finecast model. It was more hooks. As things develop, I have found out that I do indeed want to have 9 raiders ready to go, alongside 3 Ravagers, and lets not forget just in case, I have the Dais of Destruction that must be ready.

So I had to go get more bait hooks. This sent me to two sports stores, since apparently most of them suck around here nowadays.

I now have one complete raider. The picture above is not a complete raider, although it is close. I also picked up some paint pens.  My plan is to wrap up my 4 ramming raiders this weekend, and get a good grip on the rest of them. Yes distintegrators will be on them. So there will be updates and pictures. I have also acquired some spare parts from a penitent engine that will really make my Dais of Destruction something nice. I will still have to order some of the Dark Eldar slave girls. Perhaps I will do so later today.

Personal Update
It has been a couple days since I last posted. I have spent every day for the last week in the hospital with my father, as some of you that follow the blog have known. He is in a drug induced coma, and has been this way for a week now. His condition is as stable as he can be, but he will be there for a while.

While it has been a slow week rumor wise, I have also only gotten in one game, and that was a training game. I am supposed to play this evening, and will still do so. So things will get back on track here for the following week, blogwise.

I will be back to my standard two posts a day soon. I was supposed to be leaving to Edmonton Alberta mid June, but that may or may not be happening now. Only time will tell atm. I am looking forward to getting back to modelling this weekend, and getting some serious games in.


  1. Sorry to hear about your father. Wish you and your father the best. Take one day at a time.

  2. Hope your dad gets back to good health soon mate.

  3. It's hard when you have someone close in the hospital long term. I wish your dad the best.

    Real fish hooks on a mini? I guess that'll keep mommas little basement gremlin from pawing your minis at the FLGS!

  4. Sorry to hear about your father. Wish you both the best.

  5. Best wishes for your father!
    One question though what are those Dark Order slave girls you mentioned?

  6. typo. Supposed to be the Dark Eldar Slave Girls from Vects original Dais of Destruction.

  7. Well this is a local Edmontonian, and there is quite the warhammer community down here. Just let me know if you'd like my contact info, a friendly face is always nice in a new city.

    Best of luck with your dad.


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