Yesterday I went and picked up what I have been needing to get, and no it was not a new Citadel Finecast model. It was more hooks. As things develop, I have found out that I do indeed want to have 9 raiders ready to go, alongside 3 Ravagers, and lets not forget just in case, I have the Dais of Destruction that must be ready.

So I had to go get more bait hooks. This sent me to two sports stores, since apparently most of them suck around here nowadays.

I now have one complete raider. The picture above is not a complete raider, although it is close. I also picked up some paint pens.  My plan is to wrap up my 4 ramming raiders this weekend, and get a good grip on the rest of them. Yes distintegrators will be on them. So there will be updates and pictures. I have also acquired some spare parts from a penitent engine that will really make my Dais of Destruction something nice. I will still have to order some of the Dark Eldar slave girls. Perhaps I will do so later today.

Personal Update
It has been a couple days since I last posted. I have spent every day for the last week in the hospital with my father, as some of you that follow the blog have known. He is in a drug induced coma, and has been this way for a week now. His condition is as stable as he can be, but he will be there for a while.

While it has been a slow week rumor wise, I have also only gotten in one game, and that was a training game. I am supposed to play this evening, and will still do so. So things will get back on track here for the following week, blogwise.

I will be back to my standard two posts a day soon. I was supposed to be leaving to Edmonton Alberta mid June, but that may or may not be happening now. Only time will tell atm. I am looking forward to getting back to modelling this weekend, and getting some serious games in.

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