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More on the Line- Sisters of Battle

We are all shocked by the Sisters of Battle coming out as a White Dwarf release, but perhaps there is something in the future besides a pdf release. There is a lot of talk about how bad this will be and how GW promised they would never do another White Dwarf (pdf) codex. But, here we are......

Of course this also sounds like a little bit of wish listing, but perhaps there is some truth to it. We did hear originally that Sisters of Battle will be getting a codex in November, so could this just be a prelude?

These are more speculation than rumor. So please take these as possibilities, not rumors.

via Polaria
WD Codex will come out at the same time with 1 or 2 plastic sets and some finecast stuff. The WD codex will not, however, 'push' back, 'delay' or 'be the death of' Sisters of Battle as a line. A full Codex and the full-size release will come out in 2012. Think of this as prelude wave. Or a sneak peek.

there was the mysterious comment by Stickmonkey saying "Sisters love their rides", which some people interpreted as Sisters of Battle bikers and others as something totally different... (repressors)

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  1. speculating about a later codex or miniatures is illusionary IMO
    i dought that 1 or 2 plastik kits would make the SOBs playable/affordable since almost the entire line is metal from the late 1990tys
    1-2 boxes just wouldn´t be enough simulare to DE
    and since they pumped out about 20 new scultpts for DE in the last year i dought they will now do the same for SOB....

    it kills the hobby if you push only 1 dex so hard

  2. Poppycock, Anonymous!

    There are only 4 units of power-armoured Sisters: Sisters squads, Dominion elite squads, Retributors supports squads, and Seraphim jump assault units.

    The first three squads can all be made from one box, provided enough options are supplied on the sprues of course. Seraphim would be an entirely different pose so necessitate another box.

    The infantry box requirements are comparable to Grey Knights.

    TWO boxes are sufficient to cover 90% of the army.

  3. Trent hit it on the head there. i dont think we will see a full codex til atleast January. 2-3 box sets and few blister will set them straight enough

  4. As much as I don't like the sound of a WD codex. At least we get some plastics in advance of a fully fledged codex. So, yeah, I'll be buying some.

    The Initiate

  5. were do people get the idea of plstik boxes?

    yes there are only few units wich could all be built with 1-2 plastic kits.... simulare to GKs but if they were planing on bringing out plastic kits why would they then not pump out a FULL proper dex instead of a WD dex???

    Also with the Magic edition for fantasy we are looking at several kits for WHFB (4 Monsters 2+ buildings/terrain) Seams very UNLIKELY that they would have the time to pump out 2 plasti kits for SOB along side or shortly after.

    I bet they are just trying to sell of there old stock and will prob only give us resin versions of the old stuff.

  6. There are actually 5 Sister units

    Battle Sisters : Troop
    Celestians : Elite (and retinue)
    Dominions : Fast Attack (special weapons)
    Seraphim : Fast Attack (jump pack)
    Retributors : Heavy Support

    At the moment they all have the same sculpt with a slight difference here and there.

    The 5 Sister box wouldn't surprise me in the least as GW has been such a disappointment when it comes to Sisters in the past 10+ years. Heck they couldn't even copy paste the rules from the codex into the PDF correctly.

    Problem with the 5 Sister box is that there will be so many extra bits with the kit that people might buy it just to get the extra bits.

    Ah well, at least there is InstantMold :D

  7. I reckon the sisters box will be a little like the Death Company box from the BA, makes 5 girls, with bolters, combat weapons and special weapons, include back packs and jump packs with a variety of posed legs different head options, torso designs shoulder pads etc.

  8. WilhelmRochRedDukeJune 11, 2011 at 6:45 PM

    Please remember the plastic sculpts for the sisters have been worked on for 0ver 3 years.. Rumers and suggestions have been said by the GW staff for a long time.. Only the Dark Eldar were talked about less than the sisters. Look how good that release was.. I'm hopeful..