Making the rounds is a a small rumor snippet about the upcoming Ogre Kingdoms release for October.  While not the oldest codex still around, it is very close. The Ogre Kingdoms were released in 2005, so its time for an update.

As I had promised, Warhammer Fantasy rumors incoming. Really it all started with a close friend of mine asking me why I didn't include Fantasy. Since I didn't really have a good answer for him, I said I would do it. They will be a little messy for a time being, and probably a little slower coming than 40k, until I get into the full swing of it.

The rumor comes off of Warseer, but I hadn't found the original post until kroothawk on Dakka posted it. These are rumors, so please take with a grain of salt. 
via Kroothawk on Dakka
75hastings69 over at Warseer just confirmed the Ogre release for October, and his word is gospel
He also confirmed 2nd waves for Vampire Counts (incl. large monster mount) and Beastmen (incl. Cygor/Gorgon) later this year BTW

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