There are a lot of 6th edition stuff out there, and in continuing today's theme, here is a Space Marine set. The rules listed take into account previously discussed rules posted earlier today. So if you need to reference them, that is where you will find the rules listed out in detail.

While I have read through everything thus far, I am still not too concerned about anything 6th edition may throw our way. Primarily because it is so far off, and also because not everything is set in stone yet. So take these with the normal grain of salt and enjoy.

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my source stubbornly refuses to give me all interim codex erratas he was given. he fears that this can be used to trace him. But I convinced him that probably everyone involved has at least the space marine errata.

Here we go:

Codex Space Marines

And they Shall know Fear: Sworn Brothers, pass rally morale check automatically, if caught in sweeping advance, fights on and gets No Retreat hits

Chapter Banner: counts as as banner for assuming leadership, units in 12” re-roll morale checks for heavy casualties, lost close combat, tank shock and pinning , rest unchanged

Nartheticum: Feel no Pain (1)

Company Banner: counts as as banner for assuming leadership, units in 12” re-roll morale checks for heavy casualties, lost close combat, tank shock and pinning , rest unchanged

Librarians have power level 1, Epistolaries 2

Smite: shooting power

The Avengers: shooting power

Quickening: modifying power, must target himself, used in preparation phase

Null Zone: shock wave

Might of Titans: modifying power, used at start of assault phase

Gate of infinity: modifying power, used in movement phase

Vortex of Doom: Rift power

Honour of the Chapter: Fearless (2) and Stubborn

Heroic Intervention: can surge on turn of arrival, but not shoot

Move Through Cover: Move Through Cover (2)

Move Through Cover: Move Through Cover (1)

Sniper Rifle: Sniper (1)

Drop Pod Assault: Remaining drop pods are divided between rear guard, flank guard, cannot harry. Disembarking unit cannot assault even if unit has fleet.

Thunderfire Gun: 1 crew marker, make additional S8, power weapon attack at I 1

Tremor: unit already in cover cannot force a surge

Cerberus Launcher: additionally units disembarking from moving vehicle have Fleet

Power of the machine spirit: can fire one more weapon, advanced rules: can still cause directed wounds if diverting fire

Assault vehicle: units disembarking from moving vehicle have Fleet

God of War: Fearless (2) for every unit with combat tactics

Surprise Attack: no effect without advanced rules in play

Rites of Battle: re-roll any failed morale check for pinning, heavy casualties, tank shock or lost close combat

Talassarian Tempest Blade: Instant Death (1)

Mantle of Suzerain: Fell no Pain (1)

Hood of Hellfire: power level 3

Feel no Pain: Feel no Pain (1)

Eye of Vengeance: controlling player can choose, to which armour group Telion’s wounds go

Stalker Pattern Boltgun: Rending (1)

Chapter Tactics: Fleet (1), when disembarked from moving vehicle unit can advance, but not charge (except from Land raider and Land Speeder Storm)

The Raven’s Talons: Rending(1)

Moondrakkan: can charged even if moves flat out

Moonfang: ID (1)

Fearless: Fearless (2) and Stubborn

Assault Cannon: Rending (1)

Master-crafted Weapons: has master-crafted rule

Camo Cloaks: Stealth (1)

Dozer Blades: can re-roll dangerous terrain tests

Chapter Champion, Company Champion and Sergeants are squad leaders, Servitor units and attack bike squadrons can nominate one model as squad leader


  1. I find it odd that after we had been told they would crack down on leaks we have so many detailed leaks lol. =P Anyway good have you back around posting man hope your trip was Awesome Sauce.

  2. the crackdown was on specific sources, ie GW store managers. They were getting information, and leaking it to places like facebook.

  3. Strange that there's nothing about which grade of Eternal Warrior Calgar and Lysander have. That would be vital...

  4. FAQ's are rumored to come out about the same time as the rules. Something like what we saw in Warhammer Fanstasy.


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