Word has it in the mill that the Hrud will be making its first appearance as a playable army with the coming of 6th edition.

Now this isnt all that far fetched when you see all the old races making their way into 40k. Squats/ Demuirg coming soon to a Tau codex near you, and the Jokaero weaponsmith already aligned with the Grey Knights, leaves the Hrud not too far of a reach.

Nocturnal Warrior of Hrud
This rumor was posted via MrSatan on information from Ghost and Bramgaunt, however, as hard as I tried, I could not find the original posts made by either Ghost or Bramgaunt.

After the rumor, I have posted some definitions on what exactly these creatures are, both the Hrud and the Umbra mentioned in the rumor.

Take with the normal grain or two of salt

posted via MrSatan
The Hrud are going to be released with the new edition next year. This was brought to light in the 6th edition rumor thread by Ghost and backed by BramGaunt.
-Will probably be a white dwarf teaser list and then a full codex. Look out for hints in upcoming WD's

-The Umbra WILL be in the army

-There will be at least one vehicle described as a tunneler modified for war (tunneling rules a la trygon perhaps?)

-They have units named/such as Triads, Blades, Shamans, Paths

-They are described as a 'steamroller' type force withe tactic such as 'shoot retreat shoot , ambush'

-Background-wise they are described as an ancient race that are pissed because they lost their homeworld to slaanesh, the umbra are said to be fragments of their God (Q'ah) that was destroyed by Slaanesh. They hate Chaos with a passion.

Some definitions of what these creatures are. (quoted from The Lexicanum)

The "Hrud" is depicted as a crouched, diminutive creature swathed in rags, its face obscured by a hood, and possessing a rat-like tail.

It seems that the Hrud prefer darkness and are basically scavengers and tunnel-dwellers. They are found all over the galaxy, though never in large numbers. They are considered to be parasites, and when they are referred to it is usually as "infesting" a place.

Observing a Hrud is often difficult even within a well light room due to a distortion field of unknown origin emanating from the Hrud that prevents the eye from focusing on it. In addition the limbs of a Hrud have a bone structure similar to the human spine allowing the limbs to bend in any direction (hence the nickname "bendies"). They also exude various poisons from their skin. Their bodies liquefy rapidly upon death - conveniently making detailing the creature impossible.

Another notable quality amongst the race is that they produce innate entropic fields from their bodies. This has the side effect of aging their surroundings leading to objects such as crops turning to dust due to prolonged exposure and Humans suffering from premature aging.

The Umbra are an alien species apearing as smooth black spheres that live in the void of space, often observed attracted to areas resonant of the warp such as starship hulls and warp engines or suspected entrances to the Eldar Webway. They can manipulate and control shadows to form terrifying limbs of hooks, blades, teeth and other nightmarish shapes


  1. space skaven? :D

    would be cool to see some of these old ideas find their way into the modelrange but i thought it will be more than just a unit in a dex just like jakero or ig ogers.
    Don´t forget Squats never came back even though GW annouced them to be up next in WD back in the 90tys

  2. So one of them is really hard to see in a well lit room and the other one is a black sphere?

    Wow that's gonna make for a really kickass army to paint and collect.

    I HIGHLY doubt (And will be more than happy to eat my words) that there is any truth in this at all.

  3. I've gotta agree with Red there. This seems more than a bit too far-fetched for viability. Especially with how old and obscure the Hrud and Umbra are.

  4. I dunno, they seem like a very difficult army to introduce into the game (model wise and lore wise).

  5. very interesting stuff :)

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  7. I guess it could work as the Hrud worship the deity that the Umbra are meant to be living fragments of, so there'a a connection hinted at there.

    I think they'll need some serious design overhauls though as I can't see anyone wanting an army of rotting stretch armstrongs accompanied by black floating balls.

  8. There is NO WAY this rumor is true. Let's be serious here, people.

  9. Granted the rumour seems highly unlikely, but the Hrud have been hinted at in many places and let's be honest I'd rather have those as a new army rather than another boring flavour of power armour...

  10. My gut says no but I really love the idea of a new army! I am sure if they are made that GW will make them viable to paint etc. Hard to believe any new army will ever come to 40K it always feels like things are stuck the way they are but they managed Tau in there for example!

  11. Maybe this will be true, maybe not, but I think a completely new race which has nothing to do with Power Armor and any flavor of Marines would shake things up a little bit. It could add some variety, some new options, new possibilities, and a completely new metagame element. We shall see, maybe it will come true :)

  12. We know jokaero were added, demiurg are said to be coming with the Tau.

    None of these 2 were ever mentioned as much as hrud so I see literally no reason why this is unlikely.

  13. I think this could happen, as all of the other races featured in the centre of that picture are now in the game in one form or another

    kroot - tau
    clawed fiend - dark eldar
    necrons - whole army obviously
    spore mine - tyranids

    who knows it could happen? 40k is ripe for a new race in my opinion.

  14. Yeeeeaah, I doubt this one too.

    I like the sound of their tactics/playstyle but honestly, compared to any of the existing factions, there's nothing for your imagination to grab onto. They don't look like people - they don't even look cool, yet they don't have the inhuman aspect of the nids or necrons either. They'd have their fans of course, but I just can't see them being popular.

    And if something being old and previously existing in the lore is a sign that it'll be a playable race, why did they go to all the trouble of inventing the Tau rather than just go with the Hrud back in 2001?

  15. This feels like it was wishlisted by someone who read "Xenology". It details all that is known about Hrud and the Umbra. Umbra would suck as an army, if they stuck to the fluff at all. Every single one of them are little black spheres, and they don't make vehicles. The only possible variation would be what the individual Umbra felt like changing into. As for Hrud...no. I just don't see this being plausible. Does anyone else remember when the GW employee asked everyone at Games Day Australia (or was it UK?...) to raise their hands if they felt their army should be improved? Adding new armies doesn't make players happy, it makes a game community where the only way to stay competitive is to jump on the bandwagon of whatever the most recent, OP (probably imperial...) codex is.

  16. Remembering that in that very same picture there is Donorian Clawed Fiend that can be found in the Dark Eldar range at the moment.


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