A lot has been said recently, and talked about, whether or not Sisters or Necrons will be here first. While we do not have any announcement, the rumors that Sister's will slip into July/ Sept seems like it was pulled out of thin air. Today we have yet another rumor about the timeline, declaring Necrons the next codex.

We all really know its necrons next, so here is another source declaring that we will see a huge "dark eldar" style release the first week of September. Do not fear Sisters players, your codex will be here before years end.

Like all rumors, take with a grain of salt.

via GrottoKnight

Necrons drop fist week of Sept. They could push up to last week of August. July white dwarf backside and sneaks inside. August release issue. All models redone entirely. Warriors new package and option but same mold. Think Dark Eldar launch.

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