Here is another pic before I head out on vacation. These are from the Storm of Magic release that is incoming next month, more specifically the pics are from July's White Dwarf. According to the text in the pic, all 4 of these models will be plastic.

The pic is via M'ichal and his early White Dwarf.


  1. wow a teezench sorcerer that dosnt look like a disabled chluthulu chicken! in fact none of these look very GWish?!

  2. That Sorcerer Lord is a must have! I've been thinking of getting the Necromancer (LotR) 'n' use him as a sorcerer lord but that just way too cool miniature coming.. :O
    Also even though I don't collect Dark Elves, I might just get that sorceress. ;)

  3. Selling plastic in clampakcs is a great idea for smaller models!

  4. I would love to have a Cthulhu Chicken!


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