Got a little snippet this morning that something might be coming for Battle Fleet Gothic. It was one of my favorite games when it first came out, and my eldar fleet is quite large. I do hope that something is coming for BFG.

Remember to apply salt for all rumors

 Via csjarrat

I'd heard that BFG was due a new rule set this summer with new models

Further research shows that this update is part of ia10, its a tweak rather than a reboot. Rumours of new models also


  1. Realy hope that there is some truth in it! New/updated BFG would be awesome and a good opportunity for my navy fleet to leave its space dock ;)

  2. i would prefer new necromunda...

  3. is GW finially doing a BFG/epic/40k/killteam/inquisitor modded for hero fights?

    nope thats far too awsome for them :P


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