I do often run across great modelling tricks and techniques. This one is fantastic, as I was recently trying to figure out how I was going to handle my Imperial Guard Veterans with Forward Sentries.. (Camo cloaks and snare mines). I will definetly be trying this one probably later this week, so I will expand on this some with my own experience.

I have had problems with making the cloaks with greenstuff in the past, as they always come across as too bulky, or the material doesnt hold up when trying to get it that thin.

via Bunnahabhain
Cloaks the really easy way.
1)Find your Green stuff. And put it away, you don't need it

2) Get some thin cotton gauze

3) Using diluted paint dye it whatever colour you want. Add dots/stripes/etc of others as wished, and let dry

4) Experiment with cutting small sections of it as cloaks. Either 1" squares, or a 1" radius semi-circle, are good starting points.

5) When happy with shape, use super glue to secure at neck or shoulders.

6) ???? Drink beer and profit???


  1. should step 4 be 1 inch diameter? not radius? 1 inch radius seems pretty big for miniatures.

  2. Probably 1 inch diameter. However, I will just be cutting them to fit.

  3. Dressing vets up in little capes doesn't do much to play down the little dollies image :D

    Good idea though. You could probably stiffen the cloth with thinned down PVA if you didn't want it floppy, though I don't see why you'd need to. It reminds me of the old Star Wars figures with the cloth capes.


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