It seems that Forgeworld is concerned about its customer base, and has been researching a less hazardous type of resin for its models. This would be welcome, as long as we keep up the quality and detail we expect from forgeworld.

Rumors are rumors until we have an announcement, so please take with salt. The information sources are also a little out there, but in reality it makes perfect sense that this could be happening.

via MikeTheMerciless
At my FLGS I was speaking to one of the employees who paid a visit to Forgeworld HQ, and was told about the fact they are to be using a new resin which has been in R&D for some time. Aparrently this isn't Citadel Finecast, which is believeable since Finecast was developed to meet the current GW moulding techniques, which is different to FW. The main thing being told to me was that like Finecast, this resin will do away with the health issues associated with their current resin.

I appreciate this is 2nd/3rd hand information; before I get excited, has anyone else heard anything about this?

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