This week is really one of the worst weeks on record. To clarify, its been the worst week for the rumor mill in the last year. Nada, nothing. Its been bad. It even appears people that are used to giving so much to the rumor mill have resorted in blatant "making stuff up" in order to post. No pointing fingers on this one......

Presence of Faeit is a weekly editorial by myself. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Citadel Finecast
I often wait until I know all the information, and get some practical experience with something like this. What I have seen so far is pretty limited, but here it is.

The new resin Archon, with its sword, is very nicely detailed. However, the sword in both metal and resin, have those holes in the blade right above the hilt. In metal I think this is no real problem, however in resin, it becomes very very fragile. I was looking at this on thursday with a friend of mine that has both, and repositioning that sword is a must because it is a think breaking point on the model. It felt fragile there.

Otherwise, the detail is the same, but..... the clarity of that detail is amazingly more clear. To the average painter, or those below average (such as myself), the clarity will help us maintain the models beautiful details much easier. For those that excel at modelling, the new resin will create masterpieces.

Melting... Well, I have heard horror stories, and even seen pictures of how bad this material is for melting. KEEP THEM OUT OF THE SUN. We truly do not yet know how bad this could be, but when you pay good money for warhammer models, and put so much time into them, protect them. This also means no front store glass displays with resin models.

Release Dates
For the first time ever, we have heard that Sisters might be July/ August, pushing Necrons back to Oct/Nov. Hmmm. Seems a little fishy to me. BOLS released this information this morning, and while anything is possible, it is hardly plausible. With no other sources other than themselves claiming this, I am going to just move on.

I am still holding that Necrons will be next in Sept, followed by Sisters of battle in November. That also leaves us with a mystery box coming at the end of the summer and a tyranid second wave before years end. Definitely do not forget that there is also a Voidraven Bomber still to hit before summers end.

My Armies
I spent some time seriously updating my armies lists. Sadly most of that time really was spent on my Imperial Guard armies. I do love my Imperial Guard, and there are a lot of things I miss about it when I am playing my Dark Eldar. For instance I miss playing variations of a very tried and true list. I miss the reliability and experience I have with this army on the tabletop. Not to mention all the models I have. So I have a new list ready to rock. Above all else, it is a much more fun list to play.

My Dark Eldar. While I have been getting in games with them, I have not yet settled down into a list that I am comfortable with. I keep reminding myself it took a year for me to get that way with my IG, and it will take that long for me with my Dark Eldar. I feel I am making progress, just not enough atm.

Personal Stuff Here.
Thanks for all the well wishes during the time my father has been in ICU. He is now out of the drug induced coma, and is conscious at least some of the time. We are making serious headway. He should be leaving ICU today, but is still looking at a week or two in the hospital with a lot of physical therapy and possibly other down the road.

Vacation is for me is right around the corner. Yes, like last year I will be gone for two weeks. I will be leaving for Edmonton next weekend on a family vacation. Taking the slow road up north, 3 days up and 3 days back, with a week there. While I will not be taking my 40k, I probably will get a chance to swing on through the GW store there. It is a tiny closet (smaller than my bedroom), but when in Edmonton (where I have family), I tend to like to swing through for a looks.

I want to thank the people in Edmonton for the invites publicly, and I will get to those individually today or tomorrow via email. Edmonton definitely has a strong warhammer following and a decent group of gamers there. I would enjoy getting a few games up there, but this trip is already compacted and full of family events.

As for the Blog, there will be some dead space. If I get the chance to hit the blog I will, so plan on seeing something. I am also planning on adding a few things to the blog when I return.

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