This thing is amazing, and is a must see. It makes me want to sit down and make these things from scratch. Take a look at these Games Day Golden Demon entries.

From Games Workshop

This Talos Pain Engine was converted and painted by Stéphane Nguyen, who pretty much scratch-built the entire miniature, seeing as the actual kit isn't released until this Saturday coming. The model is almost identical to the artwork of the Talos in Codex: Dark Eldar and really captures the feel of a creepy, masochistic torturing machine. What really made me take a second glance at it were the tiny little arms that hang off it and around it - it's like they're preparing to flay the Eldar Guardian alive or take specimens for the Haemonculi - marvellous

Martin Grandbarbe won the bronze award in the Monster Category with his Forge World Avatar of Khaine. I almost (almost, I don't have my wallet with me, which could have been awkward when I got to the till) ran straight over to Warhammer World to buy one as soon as I saw it because the colour scheme is just immense. I really got the impression that the Avatar was glowing with such intense heat that its skin had literally turned to molten rock. The blue hair and gemstones complement the orange perfectly and the lighting effect around his feet is just awesome. Fiery god-like death has never looked so good.

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