It seems that someone was getting a tour of a factory or something similair and caught a glimpse of a Necron sprue. While it is not so much the model he saw, it is that it was a Necron sprue. That is exciting, and seems that GW might indeed truly be gearing up for the first wave of Necrons this fall.

The pic is not the new model fyi

As always please take with a grain of salt

via SK5556838528
I've just seen a plastic Necron Spyder sprue.

Accidentally caught a glimpse, don't want to say where because I'm still there, but it should be obvious.

Quick details:
Definitely larger; probably closer to a rhino size (in terms of volume)

More elegant design (limbs), but clearly a Spyder. I think I saw some scarabs, not sure.

I saw claw parts and what was either a gun or something that looks a lot like one. Could have been an under-spine or something.

90% sure that's what I saw.

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