Umbra Fighting Space Marines

Since we are talking alien races with the mention of a new race coming to 40k, I found an interesting article to share. It is a decent list of the Alien species of the Warhammer 40k universe, and below, are the pics.

First off, I want to thank Asymmetrical Xeno for posting this for everyone in the forums. It is a very cool list for you Diehard Lore Seekers, of which I kind of fall in and out of.

Next, is that any of you that do not think an Umbra would make a good model, look at the pic above of one fighting space marines.

As far as accuracy goes, I am not going to say this is all 100% accurate, as it is a work in progress. It is a fun read, and someting I may have to reference in the future. If anyone does find a list like this in the Lexicanum 40k can you please post it. I had found one there before, but could not find last night nor this morning. I would like to compare notes.

via Asymmetrical Xeno
Been compiling this for months, I doubt it's "complete" or entirely accurate, but here is what I got so far for anyone interested. Please let me know if there are any additions or corrections needed. Thought this thread could be useful for various people interested in minor xenos, or a general one-stop reference thread.

ARAKLIONID — Xeno species

BARGHESI — This race is extremely violent.

BANELINGS - Blood loving, have the ability to "unshroud" themselves (?).

BALE CHILDER — Imperial forces fought this warp-worshiping race during the Angevin Crusade, hunting them to extinction by 384M39.

DRAHENDRA — The most silent and inscrutable faction represented in the Cabal. Sentient, energised dust, virtually extinct, the last of them exist as membrane skins around dying gas giants.

ENOULIANS — One of the races defeated during the Angevin Crusade they managed to survive and now are seeking revenge on the Imperium. Around 1,5m tall, with slithery frictionless bodies and slitted eyes and nostrils they have low technology level with a few exceptions. They act as mercenaries, even for the forces of Chaos.

CABAL - The Cabal is a group of mixed, ancient xeno species who claim to have battled the forces of the Primordial Annihilator for a time longer than the existence of evolved humanity. They are chiefly known for involving themselves in the development of the Horus Heresy by using their foreknowledge of Horus' actions to seemingly suborn Alpharius Omegon and his Legion to their cause before the Great Betrayal took place. They are known to include seemingly mechanical life-forms as well as those apparently energy-based. Others variously resemble insectoid, avian or lizard-like creatures. One species definitely identified as having a member in the Cabal is that of the Eldar. They are also known to have had at least one human member, although the individual in question appeared to act as more of an subordinate agent than an equal.

CARADOCHIAN — This is a winged mercenary race.

CIMMERIAC — This minor race fought alongside the Imperial fleet against Hive Fleet Jormungandr in 995M41. Their starships were known as Shadowcruisers. The Imperium, under Admiral Hanroth, would obliterate them in 999M41.

CRYPTOS — Gasseous Aliens which live in the space between stars. This xeno-form dominated the Narrow Fall mining outpost in 88 Tanstar of the Calixis Sector.

CYRANAX WATCHERS - (no information available at this time)

CYTHOR FIENDS — The Black Templars came close to exterminating this race at the end of M41, but when they attacked the core systems, they were found to be empty. This race's territory was in the Ghoul Stars.

CHUFFIANS - 3rd edition rulebook pg 116; a name attached to a maul, presumably the alien race that made them.

DEMIURG — This is a technologically advanced race that appears only defensively aggressive. They have starships.

DONARATHI — This minor race allied with the Imperium in the face of Hive Fleet Jormungandr in 995M41. Their starships were known as Thunderprows, and they had waged war against the Vassalians.

DRUGH — Large worm-like larval invertebrates with advanced psychic abilities are native to Pyrus I.

DRACOLITH — This race formed the Church of Dracolith.(see 5th ed rulebook)

DRAX — This race formed the Draxian Hegemony. (see 5th ed rulebook)

ENSLAVER — This psychic race lives in the tides of the Warp and is drawn to the psychic light of living creatures of the material plane. They form a parasitic bond with their host and over time turn that host into a living warp portal, allowing the Enslavers to egress into the material world.

FORPARSI — A minor xeno race

FRA'AL — This mercenary race is technologically advanced and spacefaring.

FF'ENG - (no information available at this time)

GALG — A non--humanoid Lifeform. Tau ally race. Apparently froglike.

GALTHITE — This race comes from the Oenorian Inner Systems

HRUD — Xeno bipedal species, Imperial classification Troglydium hrudii, have a semi-silicate skeleton and eyes adapted to nocturnal/low-light conditions. They have four-fingered hands with quadrilateral symmetry and has a bone structure than can relax for movement or contract into a solid, weight-bearing structure. Imperial Navy crewman call individuals "Bendy," and they are commonly blamed for gremlin-like events. They live in subterranean tunnel-cities or even between the decks of starships as scavengers. Their bodies can synthesize poisons from their environment and fit into very cramped spaces. They have a chameleon-like ability to blend with any surrounding, hiding successfully even in brightly lit areas. When a population grows too large, it splits and a portion migrates to a new home, sometimes aboard a space-hulk or starship in migration between systems. They are fastidious record keepers, and compile vast amounts of historical, cultural, and technical information. They value ancestry and family extremely highly. They appear to have a mass-memory and have legends spanning back to the fight between the Old Ones and the Necrons.

HYKOSI — The Death Guard fought against this race during the Great Crusade.

JOKAERO — This mysterious race resembles orange-furred gorillas and has a savant-like ability to produce miniature machines, weaponry, and even art.

JORGALL — This race, which lives aboard world-ships in deep space, enhances themselves with advanced mechanical constructs. They have psykers. The Imperium instigated war against them during the Great Crusade.

KATHAP — This race uses organic weaponry.

KHRAVE — This is a race of mind eaters.

K'NIB — This race comes from the same system as "clawed fiends." The "fiends" act as troops, though the exact relationship between the two is unclear.

KINEBRACH - (no information available at this time)

LACRYMOLE — The Lacrymole are a race of aliens which have the ability to shapeshift and change their appearance at will. They stow aboard Imperial craft to travel the galaxy where they feed upon the blood of their victims. They were first discovered by Inquisitor Gründvald on Betacairn. Gründvald held an assembly with many other members of the Ordo Xenos to declare the race Xenos Horrificus. Whether the race was purged and cleansed is unknown, although it is most probable that it has been.

L'HURAXI - "purple skinned giants" according to Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken, possibly have their own armoured vehicles. Codex Catachans pg 22

LAER — This alien race was eliminated in the 31st millennium by the Emperor's Children.

LELITH - known only by their appaling methods of subjugation, their incursion in to Imperial Space was met by the Darks Angels successor chapter 'Guardians of the Covenant'. Possibly from the Segmentum Pacificus, and the Halo Stars (the reference is unclear). Codex Dark Angels (4th ed) pg 74

NEKULLI — This alien race is slender, humanoid, has white eye-slits, virtually no nose, and has spine-scales running down their scalp and two fangs that protrude from a jutting lower jaw. Their weapons appear to have both close combat and ranged functions.

NICASSAR — This psychic race allied with the Tau.

MONTHROPODS - (no information available at this time)

MEGARACHNIDS - The Megarachnids are a fearsome and violent Xenos race, resembling giant spiders and winged insects. They possessed long sword-like claws which appeared to be made from an organic metallic substance, and lived and worked in large swarms. In the distant past, they fought a terrible war against the Interex but were ultimately defeated. Rather than exterminate their foes, the benevolent Interex exiled the Megarachnids to the planet Urisarach and removed all means of interstellar travel from them. During the Great Crusade, the 140th Expeditionary Fleet discovered Urisarach, and ignoring the Interex warning beacons descended to the surface to pacify the

Megarachnids, naming the planet One-Forty-Twenty in the name of the Imperium. Then all contact with the 140th ceased, save for a lone distress call. The 63rd Expeditionary Fleet answered the call some time later, and took heavy losses during attacks from the Megarachnid warriors once they reached the surface. The planet was nicknamed Murder as during the distress call Blood Angels Captain Khitas Frome said "This. World. Is. Murder".

MEDUSAE- Look like floating brains and spines that exist in the dream dimension - They use living hosts, in a similar way to Enslavers.

OVERLORDS OF BARBARUS - Xenos from Mortarians homeworld. Described as being able to live in a toxic environment. Exterminated by Mortarian and the early Death Guard. Index Astartes: Death Guard.

PISCEANS - (no information available at this time, other than they had a single miniature released as part of the first wave of Rogue Trader miniatures)

PARAMOURS OF THE MORPHEUS RIFT - (no information available at this time)

PSY-GORE OF PERSEUS - Have guns made of Crystal (??)

Q'ORL — This arachnid species, Imperial designator Bestiola superior, originates from the Loquit swarmworld. They have six eyes, each pair keyed to a different wavelength, and communicate through pheromonal scent. Their eight legs are divided into one ambulatory and one dexterous set to front and rear. They have a limited ability to regenerate missing limbs and potentially other body parts. During larval development, individuals can be tailored into different paths of development depending on hormones fed by the queen. Their technology involves biomechanical integration. They live in vast honeycomb orbital structures. Their empire is called the Swarmhood. The lifespan of the average male is ten years, though the queen may live hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Though they are spacefaring, they do not have warp technology.

RAK'GOL - An expansionistic race that appeared in the Koronus Expanse not long ago, they are eight-limbed reptoids, 3m tall with stone-like skin. Their basic troops are on par with Space Marines, despite having low technology levels. They fashion crude mechanic enhancements of their bodies and their ruling caste are warp-worshippers, obsessed with Yu'vath artifacts.

RASHAN - (no information available at this time)

REEK — (Also: Noisome Reek) The Tau wiped out this race within the confines of the Tau Empire, but their Worldweave may exist elsewhere.

REPTOS - Reptos are described as being both simian and reptilian. They were fairly quick but on the small side, and easily killed by Space Marines and the Hyades PDF. They are sentient and intelligent enough to form plans and set traps. They have their own language. The Reptos are quite primitive and have no higher levels of technology. They may have built certain temples on Hyades. Once the Imperium arrived on Hyades they were deemed little more than a nuisance and little effort was made to exterminate them. At some point they fell under the sway of Madox and the Thousand Sons, it is unknown whether they worshiped Chaos, Tzeentch alone or were simply tricked by by the Thousand Sons. Reptos society appears to be tribal in nature and is very unsophisticated. It seems they are led by elders or possible cult leaders, we never hear them speak in any form of Low Gothic so it is difficult to tell. They may be worshipers of Tzeentch. Reptos show no demonstration of high levels of technology and appear to be at a stone age level of technology. They may or may not have built temples on Hyades.

SCAEPHYLYDS - Scaephylyds have many limbs and an insectoid carapace. They have mandibles and many eyes. They are upright, with a human-like torso and can grow to great sizes as they age.

Scaephylyds appear to be the indigenous inhabitants of Draakasi. When humans arrived on the planet the Scaephylyds either went into hiding or were enslaved. At some point the human champion of Khorne Duke Venalitor rallied the Xenos to his banner and introduced them to the worship of the Skull Throne. The Scaephylyds are now Venalitor's willing slaves and serve him in any way he sees fit. Little is told of Scaephylyd society. It is known that they were divided into clans and that they have little shame and are quite willing to beg and serve without complaint. Once they were introduced to the worship of Khorne they became perfectly willing to throw wave after wave of their own at the enemy for no other purpose than to please Khorne. There is no indication of any actual Scaephylyd technology or advanced weaponry. However, a bladed weapon is attached to the forearms which acts like a pair of shears.

SIMULACRA — A shapeshifter race that eats their victims brains, gaining their personality, memories and thought patterns. In their natural form they look like featureless, thin humanoids with elongated cranium.

SARUTHI — These grey-fleshed crab/spider-like aliens have five limbs with no discernable symmetry and head-columns without eyes or mouths growing off the center of their backs. They mass roughly twice that of a man and their primary sense is a combination of taste and smell. They have the innate ability to fire powerful electrical discharges from their heads as a weapon. They had the ability to warp all four dimensions, including time, in a way that caused them to flow "wrong." They walked with silver stilts clasped in their digits, raising them further off the ground. Their artifacts have no symmetry and appear to have too many degrees in their angles. The race and small empire of 40 systems was polluted by the Necroteuch, until its chaotic nature infused their entire society. Its power allowed them to create a large empire that was brought down by civil war. They have no starships, and travel by folding time and space. Contact with this alien race in Scarus sector is forbidden.

STROUSII — This cruel alien race specializes in neural technology.

STRYXIS - a race of nomadic merchants inhabiting Koronus Expanse. They look like unskinned, six-eyed dog embryos. Despite being mercantile, they understand wealth much differently than humans, often trading powerful weapons for trinkets. They are quite skilled in fleshcraft, with a caste of vat-grown warriors and menials. They hate Eldar for some unknown reason.

STYRITES - multi-armed insectoid things living in a humid jungle environment. Defeated by the Blood Angels and forced from the planet Stryia V.

SLANN - One of the Old Ones Races. Ancient enemies of the Necrons. More info when found.

SSLYTH- Dark Eldar Archons employ Sslyths as bodyguards. Their race fell Millenia ago due to excess. They have serpentine bodies and four arms.

SLAUGHTH - Described as "maggot men", "carrion eaters". Capable of stretching their bodies with inhuman ability. They are covered in necrotic-mucus and feast on intelligent corpses. They often employ alien "pets" as guard-dogs. (See Dark Heresy Game master kit for more details)

TALLERIAN — This dog-like alien race is bipedal and have acted as mercenaries for the Tau.

THEXIAN — Hailing from the oxidised worlds known as the Bloodmoons, the Thexian Elite are a bimorphic race few in number but strong in influence. They are masters of manipulation and have worked themselves into integral positions in the Borlac, Loxatl and Nicassar civilizations. Though Thexians are famously persuasive, when guile is not enough their battle form is quite horrifying to behold.

THYRRUS — This xeno race, Imperial classification Histrio tragoedus, has four eyes, four arms, and hundreds of tentacles for legs. They can change the color and texture of their skin at will, and appear to communicate visually with color variations. They posses a respiratory filter capable of eliminating all contaminants and feed by absorbing only the nutrients it requires, leaving the remains. The race is indigenous to the Saeraphii Sector.

TENTACLED BEASTS - encountered during the Macharian Crusade by one General Sejanus, in the Halo Zone. Apparently they are civilised, as the first Imperial envoy there described them as 'a noble civilisation worthy of contact'. The general disagreed and attempted to fusion bomb the planet, but the xenos were prepared and destroyed three Imperial capital ships in a naval battle, forcing Sejanus to withdraw. They put the planet under quarantine and forbade any other Imperial vessels from approaching, and apparently never went near the planet again.

ULUMÉATHI — This race forms the Uluméathic League. Their capitol was known as the Throneworld. They were almost entirely consumed by Hive Fleet Naga in the early 800s of M41.

UMBRA — This psychic race of black spheroids can create matter from shadows or darkness, and are also called shadow-smiths. They assemble the material into the stuff of nightmare, using it to attack. They are vulnerable to bright light, but are resistant to all but the most powerful of weapons. They tend to cluster around warp-vanes, drive-vents of starships, and access nodes to the Eldar webway. It is theorized that their physical form is but a small portion of a multi-dimensional entity.

VEKTATES - Aliens from a planet called Arkenath, were wiped out in the Great Crusade (presumeably).

VARREY — This race in the vicinity of the Ulumeathic League had vast space docks and an significant naval force.

VASSALIA — This minor race allied with the Imperium in the face of Hive Fleet Jormungandr in 995M41. Their starships were known as Slavebirds, and they had waged war against the Donarathi.

WHISPERERS — This insectoid race, so called for the noise their wing casings make as they move, supposedly lives completely underground on Sentinel. No physical evidence of the race has been found. They are said to have great knowledge of the universe.

XENARCH — This race resides in the galactic north and their technology relies upon biologically generated electro-plasma. They have instruments able to focus and direct bio-energy.

XSHESIANS — Members of the Cabal, small insectoids capable of speaking Low Gothic. One of them acted as translator for Eldar Slau Dha.

YU'VATH — Imperial forces fought this warp-worshiping race during the Angevin Crusade, hunting them to extinction by 384M39.

ZOATS - "supposedly" extinct race the Tyranids enslaved. They were centaurs with psyhic ability. They seem to have "stone" spaceships.














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