The Necron rumor mill have been very quiet of late. So when something pops up, even if it is very very faint, its time to post it. Necron players I am sure at the moment are hanging on every thread just hoping to get a glimpse of when their codex is getting the 5th edition treatment. While necrons do seem to be coming soon, there has also been previous rumors it is getting sidelined and pushed back. Then there are the rumors that the Tau are taking their place in the 4th quarter of this year.
Todays rumor is a small one, and comes off of 40konline via Dark_Zadok. Take it as you will with a lot of salt.

I hear from a reliable source amongst Game Workshop:

All Game Workshop Managers have been told to Pencil in Necrons release in July 2011.

Please note: "Pencil in" means this could be subject to change, but does provide Necron players with some hope of seeing their Tombs rise this year.

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