There are a ton of good blogs out there. I am always adding to my blog roll (mid to lower right column), and it is part of my early morning reading. The problem for most bloggers is getting on enough blog rolls or getting links up. So today I am going to do a blog exchange.

If you have a blog, link it up in the comments. Get a blog roll going, I will add you to mine and vise versa. All blogs start with no one checking on them. I remember single digit page views for months. So if you want a plug, do it here.

Another great project currently going on is GDMNW's new BlogDex. It is a great new index of blogs that needs your views to be successful. With FTW being put on hold, it will be much harder for people to find the blogs they are looking for. Definetly check this one out and use it as a resource to find blogs. BlogDex

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