There are a ton of good blogs out there. I am always adding to my blog roll (mid to lower right column), and it is part of my early morning reading. The problem for most bloggers is getting on enough blog rolls or getting links up. So today I am going to do a blog exchange.

If you have a blog, link it up in the comments. Get a blog roll going, I will add you to mine and vise versa. All blogs start with no one checking on them. I remember single digit page views for months. So if you want a plug, do it here.

Another great project currently going on is GDMNW's new BlogDex. It is a great new index of blogs that needs your views to be successful. With FTW being put on hold, it will be much harder for people to find the blogs they are looking for. Definetly check this one out and use it as a resource to find blogs. BlogDex


  1. Hi mine is

    I think this is a brilliant idea, cross-promoting blogs takes little effort yet it allows people to get publicity they wouldn't necessarily get shame to see FTW go.

    I should have added your blog to my blogroll though it may take a little time to come through.


  2. It is always great to get people's input on your blog.
    mine is at

    Great blog. Lets see some more of your dark eldar models.

  3. Mine is

    Glad to see folks are picking up the baton.

  4. My blog is Boltguns, Bashers,and Brushes.

    With the freeze of FTW, collaborating in the community is a great idea. We have been adding writers and we are working on covering everything from our personal 40k armies to campaigning and Warhammer Fantasy. This is a great idea, and Thank You!

    I dig the Pics of the week and GK coverage. keep it up!

  5. I've been seeing articles like this the past few days. It's a good idea to keep the community together.

    Here's my blog, Eye of Error, it's quite evil:

  6. Mine is

    You are already in my very small blog-roll of best blogs to see :)

  7. Hi,

    Great idea. It's a shame about FtW. My blog is:

    You're already on my blog roll.


  8. I am fairly new but here it is

  9. Hi, heres my blog.

    You are already on my blog roll

  10. Thanks for the link. The BlogDex is almost to 300 blogs thanks to great blogs like this one getting the word out there!


    If you want your site in the BlogDex just submit your blogs address by clicking on the contact button at the link in the article.

  11. Great idea!
    I'll add through other commentors as well.

  12. My Blog is purely painting based:

  13. Good call Natfka, you know me already but I'd be a fool to turn down a free lunch :)

    and I'll defo head over to this BlogDex and check it out.


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Gotcha added, here's mine

    It's a blog on Miniatures, Gaming, Computer Games, and other General Geekery.

    This is a great idea mate. If anyone else would like to be part of mine, shoot me a comment on my latest post, I'll get you added and you can do the same :-)


    You're already added. Thanks!

  17. My little corner of the 40k net is

    Great idea! I love the reading you provide.

  18. I do not always talk about 40K, but there are some good thoughts. Check it out here:

  19. All added in at this point. If you notice a problem with it posting, quick email, and I will double check.

  20. Hi, my blog is

    Just started going through the blogdex, and reading through the blogs I have just added such as yours. Good stuff so far!

  21. Plague Marine. I just added you, and will be doing some format changes probably tonight.


    Thanks for doing this!


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