Not solid defined rumors, but are parts of forum conversation about Dark Eldar releases between two great rumor sources, BramGaunt and Harry. Take it for what it is, as the Dark Eldar rumor mill has been rather quiet. What we thought might be planned for March, could actually be April.

This conflicts with the Grey Knight codex release which we know is happening in April. Not sure I can see them doing both during April, but anything is possible. Of course it is already February and we should be hearing something soon. Either way I am always glad to hear from the both of them. Take all with a grain of salt.

I also heard that march will not only feature said metal minis, but Talos/Crons and Venom plastic Sets aswell. Just a rumour, though.

I honestly can't remember any of the details now but I said way back when we were first chatting DE rumours that there were Wave 1, Wave 1.5 and Wave 2 minis scheduled. I think there were 3 (maybe 4 kits) intended for the next wave. (Might have been 3 kits and some metal?). But I think it was planned for April rather than March.

Hastings has previously said the following will be the plastic kits.
Talos and Cronos box.
Voidraven and "other aircraft" box (I'm assuming the Razorwing).

Metal Kits

Clawed Fiends.
Razorwing Flocks.

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