The Dark Eldar are insidious. In warhammer we are often trying to throw down enough wounds on a unit to take out either those special/ heavy weapons, or the leader/ independent character attached to the unit. As players to of this great game, we all know the basics of wound allocation, and how to use it to our advantages.

Once again I am normally rather slow at finding all the ins and outs of a codex, and how things work, so most of you probably already know how this weapon works. It took me probably 100 readings to read it correctly,

The Dark Eldar Haemonculi have figured out a way to get around the wound allocation with their Arcane Wargear, the Shattershard. You can only take one per army and it reads like this....

Any non-vehicle model hit by the shattershard must take a toughness test. If they fail this test they are removed from play with no saves of any kind allowed.

The big part of this is that the weapon does not cause wounds, so their is no allocation of wounds. Since you do not allocate hits in 40k, and it says "any model hit must take a toughness test", any  non-vehicle model touched by the template is effected and removed from play if they fail their toughness test.

While this still gives most people a good chance of not going away (high toughness heroes), poor Eldrad only has a toughness of 3. Just the fact that independent characters cannot hide from this one shot weapon is amazing. I can see it continueing to find its way into my lists. Also please note that any roll of a 6 on a characterstics test always fails regardless of their toughness pg 8 rule book

Advantages could be placing the template to avoid the closest enemy model so that you can still assault, or taking out special weapons and characters.

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