The latest rumors on the Grey Knight front including a summary. The large rumor piles are really going nuts with a ton of wishlists, so it was nice to not only see a new rumor hitting the pavement of the blog-o-sphere, but a complete summary as well.

The first of the rumors, is the first thing that has gotten me excited about playing this army. (Im a little slow to get all worked up dark eldar not included) I cannot imagine really giving D3 units scout. That would mean I take my 3 stormravens all loaded up, and scout them forward. hmmm. I am drooling if I had a webcam on.

Next is a compilation not put together by me, so if it is missing something or wrong, well remember that all rumors require salt. Here they are. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday! Also I have posts lined up for the next couple days on auto pilot, but I will be in Olympia both Monday and Tuesday. So in the morning I might be able to get something going, but I won't be phsyically available for two days.

Here are the rumors.
via Marshal Augustine on Warseer
Grand Master rumoured to pick D3 units during deployment and giving them a special rule:
Makes them scoring (kinda neat for dread and or elite paladins)
Makes them re roll 1s to wound all game
Makes them have counter attack USR.
Makes them Scout
All these units are affected by the one choice.
Terminators equipped with frag and krack grenades.

Here is a summary posted via Jared Van Kell on Libarium-Online
Released on April 9th with 3 new plastic kits. Power armoured Grey Knights, Grey Knight Terminators and the Dreadknight.

Special Rules
As it stands the Grey Knights lose Fearless and instead gain And They Shall Know No Fear and Combat Squads.

Each Grey Knight Squad will count as a psyker for the purpose of any special rules other armies might have. All units shall act in a similar manner to the Psyker Battle Squad in the Imperial Guard army list.

Any unit that wishes to deep strike may not do so within 6" of a Grey Knight squad.

Incinerators are reportedly template weapons with S5, AP4 and rending. Reportedly ignores cover and invulnerable saves.

Psy-cannons are reportedly S7, AP4 with rending with different profiles for moving or staying still. Reportedly still ignores invulnerable saves.

Special Characters
Brother Captain Stern
Brother Captain Stern has stats equal to that of a Grey Knight Grand Master. He is equipped with a Storm Shield and a Nememis Forceweapon that inflicts Instant Death whilst he himself has Eternal Warrior.

He is allowed a Grey Knight Command Squad.

Rules wise he is said to lower the points cost of Grey Knight Terminators but this has yet to be clarified.

Torquemada Coteaz
Inquisitor Lord special character. Eqquiped with an Annointed Daemonhammer, Artificer Armour, Icon of the Just and Psyber Eagle.

Rules are pretty much as they are now except that he makes all Inquisitorial Henchmen troops instead of Elites.

Grey Knight Grand Master
Stats as they are now.
Is able to confer special abilities on D3 units per army which include master crafted weapons, digital weapons and a Grey Knight version of the wolf standard.

Can use two psychic powers a turn and can take a command squad. Has access to various eqquipment including digital weapons, daemon hammer, a sword that increases his strength by +2, a halberd that increases his initiative by +2 as well as psy-cannon or incinerator.

Grey Knight Command Squad
Has a wide variety of options including one member being upgraded to an Apothacary conferring Feel no Pain and one member taking a Chapter Banner.

Inquisitor Lord
Has access to a wide variety of wargear and psychic powers.

Rumoured possibility of allowing one unit of Inquisitorial Henchmen as troops but this has yet to be verified.

Inquisitorial Henchmen
Wide variety of types to choose from.

Crusaders - Eqquiped with powerweapon and storm shield.

Death Cult Assasins - High initiative and power weapon attacks.

Arco-flaggelants - Powerweapon attacks. Subject to Rage, Fleet, Fearless and Feel no Pain. Cannot be mounted in a transport.

Priests – Unknown what these do yet. Believed to possibly confer Fearless and Rage but this is still debated. Can take a plasma gun.

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers – BS 3, eqquiped with carapace armour but only have normal las-guns, frag and krak grenades. Can be given plasma guns, meltaguns, grenade launchers and flamers.

Acolytes – Can be given a wide variety of eqquipment very cheaply including storm bolters and combi-weapons.

Psyber skulls/Familiars – Unknown what these do yet.

Mystics – Act as teleport beacons for deep striking units.

Medics – Confer Feel no Pain.

Daemonhosts – Unknown what these do yet.

Servitors – Normally have powerfists but these can be exchanged for heavy bolters, multi-meltas and plasma guns.
Can have access to a Chimeras and Rhinos as transport.

Paladin Terminators
More elite versions of their normal terminator brethren with an attack and can take two special wepaons for every five members in the sqaud. Led by a Brother Captain.

Have access to a wide variety of psychic powers and can take a Land Raider as a dedicated transport.

A Grey Knight mounted in a large exo-skeleton. Is a monstrous creature equipped with a Dreadnought Close combat weapons and a Gatling Psy-cannon that has reportedly twelve S5 AP4 rending shots at turn.

Believed to have toughness 6, 4 wounds and a 2+ save.

Is able to deep strike and is rumoured to be upgraded to include a jump pack whilst another rumour has it able to take a psychic power that allows it to teleport.

Assassin Kill Team
All Assassins are 1-3 per elites slot. They keep their current profile and all have a 4+ invulnerable save as well as Infiltrate, Move Through Cover and Stealth.

Vindicare has access to specialist ammunition in every turn of the game and can pick out which model is hit. Is great at taking out vehicles, characters, squad leaders and special/heavy weapon bearers. Ammo types are Hellfire (Auto-wound on a 2+), Turbo-pentrator (4D6 + Rending) and Shield Breaker (Any model wounded but not killed gets no benefit from invulnerable saves and looses their invulnerable save for the rest of the game if not killed)

Eversor is still the killing machine that is subject to Rage and Fleet with powerweapon attacks that automatically wound on a 4+ irrespective of toughness. Bio-meltdown rule is now reportedly a large template.

Culexus is extremely useful for killing psykers and daemons. The range of his aura is reportedly increased to 18” and his Animus Speculum has a number of shots equal the number of psykers in both armies within 12”.

Calidus is able to deploy in the same way as a lictor and can do D6 AP2 shots to a unit on the turn she appears before firing her neural shredder which is an AP3 template attack. Can force reportedly force D3 units to redeploy with the Word in Your Ear special rule.

Grey Knight Terminators
Can be eqquiped with either nemesis forceweapons and storm bolters or thunderhammers and storm shields. Can take a wide variety of pychic powers.

Reported to have two wounds each a can take one special weapon for every five terminators in the squad. May deploy by Deep Strike.

Grey Knights
Power armoured Grey Knights equipped with Nemesis Forceweapons and Storm Bolters. May take an Incinerator or Psy-cannon for every five models in the squad. Rumoured to have access to several psychic powers including one that allows them to teleport similar to the Spacemarine psychic power Gate of Infinity.

May take a Rhino as a dedicated transport.

Fast Attack
Penitent Engines
As yet it is not confirmed if Grey Knights are getting access to Penitent Engines but some rumours state that they are.

Interceptor Squad
Grey Knight Squad that is able to deep strike and has the Spacemarine psychic power Gate of Infinity allowing them to re-deploy quickly.

Heavy Support
Stormraven Gunship
As per the Blood Angels Codex. One of the few heavy weapons platforms in the army. Is immune to crew shaken and crew stunned.

Purgutation Squad
May take up to four psy-cannons or incinerators. Have access to a wide variety of psychic powers.
Special Character can reportedly make them troops.

Land Raider
As per Codex Spacemarines but is immune to crew shaken and crew stunned.

Land Raider Crusader
As per Codex Spacemarines but is immune to crew shaken and crew stunned.

Land Raider Redeemer
As per Codex Spacemarines but is immune to crew shaken and crew stunned.

Grey Knight Dreadnought
Is believed to be a psyker as with the Librarian Dreadnoughts of the Blood Angels so can be eqquiped with a Nemesis Forceweapon instead of a Dreadnought close combat weapon.

Can use one psychic power a turn and is immune to crew shaken and crew stunned.

Can take a wide variety of weapon types including twin-linked las-cannons, psy-cannons, plasma cannons and missile launchers. Is one of the few heavy weapon units in the army.

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