Yea, you read that right. Yesterday I lost 900pts out of 2500 my first round, and I went first.
I went first against a Chaos Marine list that I have been helping a friend with. The list can be found here Night Lords. It just happened that I was only able to kill two marines, and immobilize a possessed Vindicator with around 30 tank killing shots. The marines died from splinter cannons on a venom. That being said, it went something like this....

My opponent put up an amazing first round deployment. I will talk about that later, lets just say everything was layered and had cover. I went first, and redeployed 3 units thanks to Malys, and was set for a first round assault with 4 units. I had two incubi units of 4 and they were going to shred along with Malys and Vect. To make a long story short, Vects incubi rolled a 1 on their run, and the other set of incubi also rolled a 1. both needed a 2 to assault.

One wych unit also failed their assault bringing the total up to 3 out of 4 failing. Note that the wyches needed a 3 to reach their target, but there was only 5 of them, so they were not going to make a difference after the incubi failed.

Check out the Chaos list, and you can see what I was facing, Ridicules firepower in the shape of 16 plasma guns, 6 meltas, 8 Autocannons, and 2 demolisher large blasts. All this and lash to place me just perfect. Nothing in the front survived. Regardless, after a pull back and reverse flank, my 1600pts of surviving dark eldar still almost pulled a victory with a last minute Raider flat out contest move (he rolled 3 successive 6's and I failed my flat out save, so combi bolters shot it down).

Regardless, the game still came out to a draw amazingly enough. Each of us holding a single objective. I think that is the worst first round in Warhammer I have ever had. It was a good game, and my opponents deployment and some failed rolls saved his butt. I did not collect one pain token the entire game. One of the best and most memorable games I have had in quite a long time.

When things go bad with Dark Eldar, they really go bad. They hit hard, hit fast.


  1. In the many dice did you roll? If the target isn't in cover it would be a straight 6" no roll...if in cover...roll 2 dice.
    It is remarkably near impossible to roll snake eyes twice in a row!

  2. What was your roster? Did you have any Night shields?

    Why did you go first? I think better is go second for DE player.

  3. Raia raises a decent point, can you link us to your army list as well?

    Sorry to hear you had some foul luck. I hope the rest of the game goes a little better for you...

  4. I had failed on my run roll for a first round assault on units that had infiltrated into his front lines.

    With Dark Eldar I prefer to go first and get the jump on my opponent. I was fielding a lot of raiders and too many of them will go by by, since he had a strong shooting list. Night shields do not stop or slow down 48" weapons


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