They are here, Beastmasters and their Beasts! Release the Hounds!. They are due to be released March 19th but are up for order now on the GW website. The Clawed fiend I think is the most suprising model. Really did not expect the look of it, and I am drooling to get a hold of them.

I was hoping for more Beastmaster types. In fact I was hoping for one of each type of beasts. Oh well, I can't have everything. NO need to bitch about metal, we all knew it was coming.

Todays announcement includes a Succubus for pre-order. How is that for suprising us this morning.
Beastmaster - $15.00
Razorwing Flock - $12.75
Khymera 1 and 2 - $14.00
Clawed Fiend - $22.25
Succubus - $15.00

Here is your link for pre-orders Games Workshop

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